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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ballard Administration Feels Wrath of the ICJI's Grant Nazi

OBSERVATIONS:  In the previous posts we promised to discuss the latest behind-the-scenes stunts of the Ballard administration.  We're a few days late because of job obligations however the information we have it right on time. 

While there has been a lot of attention paid to the ACS parking deal (legitimately so), Ballard and Co. are desperately trying to fill an approximately  $2 million + budget deficit. 

Falling back on the same playbook, the lead negotiators unskilled and unprepared tried repeatedly to snatch grants funds from the Drug Free Marion County provided by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute. 

According to our sources after repeated attempts to cajole, pressuring with name dropping and other familiar arm-twisting bullying tactics that have become the familiar traits of Barnes and Thornburg attorneys. When nothing worked the "Loftus Lovelies" (the label given to us by our sources) took a page out of Nike's playbook and "Just do It" and factored almost the whole allocations of the $500k funds into the Public Safety budget by passing Proposal 224 (sponsored by Councilor Ben Hunter) out of committee with a due pass recommendation.

Of course that didn't set well with the State as ICJI Chairman Huskey led a "bitch-slap-by-committee" and rejected the mafioso shakedown by City Controller Dave "the Razor" Reynolds.  What makes this a political hot potato is the fact that the Council Republicans trying to pass this misappropriation into law at the Monday October 4th Council meeting.  For once this should be an interesting council meeting.

Here's the ICJI's opinion:

"Commission" defined; allocation of funds; approval of plan by commission

Sec. 5. (a) As used in this section, "commission" means the commission for a drug free Indiana established by IC 5-2-6-16.

(b) Subject to subsections (c) and (d), a county fiscal body shall annually appropriate from the fund amounts allocated by the county legislative body for the use of persons, organizations, agencies, and political subdivisions to carry out recommended actions contained in a comprehensive drug free communities plan submitted by the local coordinating council and approved by the commission as follows:

(1) For persons, organizations, agencies, and political subdivisions to provide prevention and education services, at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the money in the fund.

(2) For persons, organizations, agencies, and political subdivisions to provide intervention and treatment services, at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the money in the fund.

(3) For persons, organizations, agencies, and political subdivisions to provide criminal justice services and activities, at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the money in the fund.

(4) A county fiscal body shall allocate the remaining twenty-five percent (25%) of the money in the fund to persons
organizations, agencies, and political subdivisions to provide services and activities under subdivisions (1) through (3) based on the comprehensive drug free communities plan submitted by the local coordinating council and approved by the commission.

(c) In the comprehensive drug free communities plan, the local coordinating council shall determine the amount of funds the county fiscal body shall appropriate to implement the objectives approved in the comprehensive drug free communities plan.

135-298 (a) which states, “for approval by the city-county council;” does not comply with statute which clearly states their role is to allocate the funds based on the plan approved by the commission. There is no approval by the county legislative body.

(b) is also not compliant with IC 5-2-11-5(c), which, as cited above, solely authorizes the LCC the determine the amount of funds needed to implement the objectives in the approved plan

We have a few question for you ubersmart readers:

1)  How do you think the Daniels' administration will respond to this violation of State law.

2) Will this deliberate and repeated attempts to violate the state statutes hinder Reynolds value in his new position?

3) How are they going to fill the funding deficit now?

4) Will the Melina Kennedy, Jose Evans or Ron Gibson and Democrats on the Council take advantage of Ballard acting stupidly?


UP:  MKEN $185, SiMi $110

DOWN:   GBAL $15,

PS- Congrats to Chairman Huskey and the Board of Trustee for standing up for the law and order.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dr. Ogden Makes Diagnosis On the Ballard Adminstration. IPSE Asks - What's the Cure?

OBSERVATIONS:   We have very little to add to Paul Ogden's (OGPL) post calling out the button men in the Ballard administration.  Paul has succeeded in finding the their Achilles heal, an aversion to public disclosure of their activities and worse attaching a face to them.  It's pretty obvious that Joe Loftus (JLOF) , Bob Grand (BGRN) and Tom John (TOJO) are in firm control of the levers of government, that just happens to be fueled with your taxpayers dollars.  So if you're an insider life is good. Very good. If you're an outsider you probably wondering if there's any hope.

Fortunately bloggers like Paul Ogden  and others, in the absence of an effective independent news outlet, are making it a little more difficult for these guys to get away with their strong arm tactics.  I guess for now the only safe investment for the taxpayer is to buy stock in in Barnes and Thornburg and Ice Miller.

We've got some inside info on the latest budget woes of this administration and we'll post it later today. In the meantime our question to Dr. Ogden - Is the cancer benign or malignant?


UP:  MKEN $170, OGPL $240

DOWN:  GBAL $40, JLOF $70, NQAI $10, BGRAN  $60, TOJO $10

Friday, September 17, 2010

Is GOP County Chairman Tom John Hijacking Ex-Offender Program To Install Wife As Director?

OBSERVATIONS:  Some believe that being the wife of a public figure is tough, others like Christina Trexler, wife of Marion County GOP Chairman Tom John (TOJO) would say it pays pretty good.  Thanks to her husband's political wheeling and dealing Christina is only a heartbeat away from a nice position in a local not-for-profit supported in part by taxpayer dollars. 

We first picked up this story from the comments section of one of our earlier posts and considered it idle chatter until three of our readers sent us a series of emails with enough insider information to warrant a post. But let's start at the beginning.

Shortly after the election Tom John tried to use his political influence to obtain a job for his then-girlfriend Christina Trexler in the Ballard administration despite the fact that it was well-known by everyone that Tom worked unsuccessfully to derail Ballard's campaign shortly after his primary victory.  Left with few alternatives he negotiated with political insiders to get Christina appointed to the board of Marion County Community Corrections 

As the Ballard administration began to focus on re-entry he again tried and failed to get her appointed as the Director of Re-Entry under Deputy Mayor Olgen Williams. Olgen was apparently unimpressed with her abilities and selected former IDOC staffer Khadijah Muhammad. 

Meanwhile our sources report that Christina was able to use her board position to scout various not-for-profits that were in line for lucrative state and federal funding attached to prisoner re-entry. That's when they found the perfect match in PACE/OAR a well-respected community-based program that works with ex-offenders and known for being apolitical. 

Once they decided this was the organization they wanted, insiders say that they, (Christina, Tom and Abdul) began to schmooze with the executive director Ms. Rhiannon Williams-Edwards even going as far as inviting her to the Republican bastion of power the Columbia Club and securing her husband a job. 

They then convinced her to install Christina as a deputy director and place local attorney/talkshow host and Tom John's BBF Abdul Hakim Shabazz (INBR) (yes this is the same who thinks its ok for police to beat suspects) on her board of directors with the promise that this would bring Republican fundraising to the organization.

When Ms. Muhammad was fired by the City, Tom and Christina tried a different tactic. They urged Rhiannon to apply for the job and suggested that Christina act as interim (deputy) director until the Board could vote on a replacement.  Up to this point the scheme was working, Christina was earning a paycheck with a simple majority vote separating her from a  permanent high-profile directorship with a non-profit organization. 

Of course title alone doesn't make a good leader and it soon became apparent to employees as well as key stakeholders that despite the assistance of her politically powerful husband and strategically placed board ally, she was in way over her head. In a matter of weeks one of the major private funders of PACE/OAR, the nationally known Annie E. Casey Foundation yanked their funding after only one meeting with Ms. Trexler and vowed to withhold all funding unless there was an immediate leadership change. Meanwhile, according to inside sources Mr. Shabazz was quietly working behind the scenes to ease the path for Christina's selection as director despite her obvious deficiencies. 

The appointment of Dr. Frank Straub as Public Safety Director changed the dynamics of this situation as his management style made things so uncomfortable  for Ms. Williams-Edwards she decided to return to PACE/OAR. With her the former donor reconsider withholding their support and internally things began to settle back to down normal. Of course what was good for the organization was bad for Christina as this placed her ascension to the throne on indefinite hold. 

Which brings us to this point. Insiders are extremely nervous because they believe that once again Christina Trexler is in contention for the top job as Rhiannon is making plans for a maternity leave with the possibility of not returning.  Christina has not been shy to board members and staff alike that her husband Tom John and Abdul Hakim Shabazz played a key role in the recent awarding of over a quarter of a million in Federal funds for the organization and therefore its only fair that she is given the permanent appointment as executive director regardless if Mrs. Williams-Edwards returns or not. 

So there you have it. The sordid backroom dealing and manipulation usually found in government/business community has finally leaked into the not-for-profit sector, in this case within an organization that is known for doing yeoman's work with individuals who have no where else to go when they are released from prison.

Sadly we wonder what will the community will think when this issue comes to light.  We've never heard any Republican speak with any degree of passion about this issue and so find it highly questionable that a conservative talk-show host and Republican Chairman would work so hard for ex-offenders.  You would think that a partner in a law firm with that much political clout could find his wife a steady job without soiling the good name and reputation of a effective grassroots program.

Tom John has once again proven that he's a political force to be reckoned with as he successfully injected political cronyism into an effective and essential community agency. And for the record don't think for one instant that Democrats are unaware. 

Ice Miller lobbyist Carl Drummer sits right next to Abdul on the board.

Finally , congrats to all but declared executive director of PACE/OAR Christina Trexler-John.

And may God help those ex-offenders who need jobs but lack the political connections or marriage license to get one. 


UP:  TOJO  $80,  INBR $160


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fresh Out of Options Mayor Greg Ballard Knocks On Heaven's Door

OBSERVATIONS:  Lacking any new ideas, saddled with an incompetent staff and self-interested advisers Mayor Greg Ballard (GBAL) has decided to turn to divine intervention to help him find a palatable message for his 2011 re-election bid.  Below is the announcement of the event sent to us by one of our readers.

An Open Discussion with Mayor Ballard

City of Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard will meet with senior faith leaders of Marion County to expand the dialogue between the City and the faith-based community on current issues and challenges facing our youth, neighborhoods and communities. This will be an opportunity to respond to the questions of today and look to the future with a common goal of peace and unity among our citizens.

Mayor Ballard accepted a request by senior pastors to speak to a larger group. About 200 participants are expected. The meeting will include a Q&A with Mayor Ballard.

What: An Open Discussion with Mayor Ballard Faith-Based Leadership Meeting
Where: North United Methodist Church, 3808 N. Meridian St.
When: 9 a.m. Friday, Sept. 17, 2010

For additional information please contact:
Andrea Velasco
Front Porch Alliance, Special Assistant
Office of Mayor Greg Ballard – City of Indianapolis
T: 317.327.2745

After reading this announcement we have three words: campaign photo op. Cynical you say? Not when you have the background info we have been provided. First the Front Porch Alliance the brainchild of former Mayor Stephen Goldsmith is a shadow of its former self. It is a staff of two (Doug Hairston) and an intern Ms. Velasco. Second the office has no financial resources, agreements or networks with any not-for-profits in Indianapolis. It has no record of accomplishments, partnerships or involvement with the neighborhoods.  As amatter of fact the only presence the Front Porch Alliance has in many neighborhoods are the Adopt-A-Block signs put up during the Goldsmith administration.  By all appearence there is neither substance or structure to this intiaitive and begs the question why have the office at all?

From our sources it appears that the community's overall perception is that the Front Porch Alliance is typical of this administration's community efforts- unfocused, underperforming and unremarkable.

That brings us to our conclusion that this meeting's only benefit is to give the illusion that Ballard is engaged in the community and also provides him with a chance to capture the image of hizzoner with a set of recognized leaders inoculating him against charges of working against the established urban pastors like Reverend Clay and the Black Ministerial Alliance. 

Unfortunately we think that having this meeting only 14 months from his re-election bid is a bit disingenuous considering he has spent more time on globe-trotting junkets with Mrs. Ballard and insider horse-trading than working alongside community leaders. But this just our opinion of course, your conclusions may vary.  And for the attendees just make sure that the Mayor's photographers get your good side.




Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ballard Seems Comfortable With Chaos In His Administration

OBSERVATIONS:  A physician, an engineer and a lawyer were arguing about whose profession was the oldest. 

The surgeon announced, "Remember how God removed a rib from Adam to create Eve? Obviously, medicine is the oldest profession."  

The engineer replied, "But before that, God created the heavens and the earth from chaos, in less than a week. You have to admit that was a remarkable feat of engineering, and that makes engineering an older profession than medicine."

The lawyer smirked, and said, "Who do you think created the chaos?"

We think this joke captures the essence of the Ballard Administration.  In this case the Mayor has relied on two attorneys Barnes and Thornburg's Bob Grand and Joe Loftus as his key advisers relegating the mayor as little more than a point man for overseas junkets. In the space of two days we are witnessing the beginning of chaos and Mayor Ballard seemingly unaware or unconcerned.

First you have this bizarre story from Russ McQuaid on what appears to be an internal Watergatesque scenario that allegedly links Dr. Frank Straub to a possible wiretapping of  IMPD Major William Benjamin's office.   This is on top of a botched vehicular accident investigation involving an IMPD officer leading to a civilian fatality.

Second, WTHR13 Mary Miltz has a politically embarrassing piece on John aka "Jetson" Clark's well documented spending spree, arrest and recent job interview all on the taxpayer's dime.  Ballard's response to Milz inquiries sounded like the mid-manager he truly is instead of the leader of the 14 largest city in America as he unsuccessfully tries to shift the blame to the Airport Authority Board.

According to a couple of sources who contacted us via email,despite repeated warning from others these two characters were hired under the direct orders from our two modern day Rasputins, Joe Loftus (JLOF) and Bob Grand (BGRAN).  It is painfully obvious that this Mayor is an empty suit of a man. In some sort of Faustian deal he has given all of his power and authority to these two attorneys in exchange for what appears to be his political manhood.

In the meantime the City of Indianapolis is beginning to look a lot like a taxpayer financed reality show with Ballard as its comically clueless star.  And for the record, we feel that this upcoming speech by Hizzoner only address the symptoms of what is ailing IMPD. Ballard and his incompetent sycophants fail to understand that this isn't a crisis of the rank and file, this is a crisis of leadership. His leadership.

Indianapolis residence are again asked a familiar question: "Had Enough Yet?"

Our answer "No Question About It."


UP:  MKEN $180, SiMi $105

DOWN:  GBAL $30, FSTRA $30, NQAI $10, JLOF $70,  BGRAN $80

Friday, September 3, 2010

IPSE Asks: What Caused the Rise and Fall of Obamamania?

We found this article particularly interesting as it focused almost singularly on the Hoosier state which as we all know is normally red state that went blue for the first time in more than 40 years.

As TIME Magazine is no Heritage Foundation we're asking what do you think happened to change Obamamania to Obamaphobia?  We will publish our analysis of the POTUS later today.


UP:  NoSa $120

DOWN:  HoCha $40

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Is the Majestic Ballard Building Schedule for Implosion?

OBSERVATIONS:  Not since the demolition of the Market Square Arena have Indianapolis residents been able to see the step-by-step preparation for a public demolition of a well recognized structure, in this case the massive but hardly functional  Ballard Building. It's most recognized guest Mayor Greg Ballard resides quite comfortably apparently totally oblivious to his surroundings as he gazes out his 25th floor penthouse suite. Even on a cloudy day he can see the dilapidated and heavily-subsidized public housing units for struggling law firms managed by the local Republican party. 

We will start with a visit to Indianapolis Times (ITIM) which has great post as local Democrats (SilentMinorites) have finally found their voice.  True to form, Ryan Vaughn continues to demonstrate he is in way over his head when it comes to politics.  Ryan's dismissal of Democrat requests to establish a bi-partisan committee to investigate the bizarre actions of Director Straub is nothing short of hypocritical considering it has only been days since Republican council members decided to re-write IMPD's hiring and promotional policies.  We think that this move is going to be one of several explosive charges that will be used to topple the House that Ballard built.

And of course when faced when the meeting with the AmenCorner fails to gain traction Ballard trots out Toastmaster-in-training Olgen Williams, arguably the only one we believe is worse at public speaking than the mayor himself.  Our question to Olgen Williams is Whatever happened to the ole' "grassroots and self-destiny mantra" you were known to tout before you got a corner office on the 25th floor? 

Oh well, you can only play with the team the owner assembles.

As we mentioned in our earlier post, the continued presence of Dr. Frank Straub on the payroll will continue to become an embarrassment for the mayor as the truth slowly oozes out.  We also want to give Democratic mayoral hopeful Melina Kennedy a big boost for her succinct comments...

"A leader has to take command and be in charge. You have to be involved and engaged in what's happening, and you have to be aware of the facts."

Ouch. Unfortunately Mayor Ballard has yet to show the ability to take command or to be even slightly aware of the facts, unless of course they are presented by Joe Loftus, Bob Grand or Tom John.

I guess managing the delivery of port-o-lets and toilet-paper for a couple hundred thousand American soldiers in Iraq is a lot easier than maintaining a semblance of law and order in Indianapolis with a couple of thousand cops. Go figure.

UP: MKEN $160, SiMi $85, ITIM $150

DOWN: GBAL $50, NQAI $20, OWMS $70

When It Comes To Frank Straub And Mayor Ballard, This Song Says It All....

Even if you substitute "woman" for "mayor" the lyrics will still carry the same meaning...Based on this  interview we believe that before the end of the year political reality will start paging Ole' Doc Straub to report to the unemployment line. Which just goes to prove that there really is such a thing as "bad press".

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

IPSE Provides Clues for the Clueless In Indy

OBSERVATIONS:  Clueless. That's all we could say after this political nightmare of a broadcast from WXIN's Russ McQuaid.  In less than a year Mayor Ballard has went from a benign affable political naive nice guy to a bungling political light weigh within a of razor's edge of being the first one-term mayor in more than 40 years.

Barring a significant failure on hizzoner's part he should win a second term. Indianapolis has a long history of protecting incumbents for at least two terms as long as they handle the basics. In this case public safety, snow removal and reasonable control over the cost of government.  Mayor Ballard you are about to make history.

Advance Indiana's (ADIN) did a great job on summarizing the ever increasing challenges facing the Ballard Administration's ham-handed bungling of the community's perception of law enforcement.

In a series of missteps including putting a comedian/lawyer/radio personality who advocates for police beatings (in context of course) on a Public Safety Advisory Board or a Public Safety Director asking for public relations advice from the Chief of Police right in the middle of a fatality accident investigation  involving a police officer and a civilian.

The situation would make you laugh if this was a Tarantino movie, however it isn't.  Its the new reality of life in the 14 largest city in the United States.

And through all of this Mayor Gregory A. Ballard falls back on the same clueless political novice act. Well Mr. Mayor after 2 1/2 year it is time for you to shed the Mayberry shtick and start act like a CEO. 

You have a Public Safety Director who is more concerned about his makeup than his responsibilities. You've allowed the Public Advisory Board to be populated with a member has become a lightening rod for controversy.  And neither you or anyone in your office seems to be able to define what the Ballard Administration stands for or stands against. 

A few qustions Mr. Mayor. When are you going to articulate your vision? When are you going to take control AND responsibility of  your City?   When are you going to treat 25th floor as a premium place for command and control instead of a viewing platform to watch the flickering of gunshots in the streets below? 

While you consult your advisors here's a few clues to help you find your way before fate makes you an asterisk in Indianapolis' political history.

Now, if you're not going to run again then step down now and leave with a shred of dignity. If you are going to run then start thinking as a Mayor. No one will remember the faceless individuals who gave you bad advice. They will remember you as the one who implemented the bad advice.

1) We were initially open to the "outsider" argument for the role of Public Safety Director, however Dr. Frank Straub has proven he is not the "one" and now he needs to go.

2) Start talking to the community. Be prepared for anger, bad news and frustration. Take it and use it to re-shape your policy.

3) Get control of your police force. Support the good ones. Purge the bad ones. Ban together to take back our streets.

4) Dump the self-interested operatives within your circle of "allies".

5) Include the Democrats at the table when discussing public safety issues.

6) Examine your staff and eliminate the dead weight.  Every one of your upper level managers should be able to articulate your values and vision in any neighborhood setting or event. If they can't they need to go.

6) Start being a Mayor instead of a MINO.


UP:  ADIN $210

DOWN:  GBAL  $70, NQAI  $30, INBR $140,  FSTRA $50

Thursday, August 26, 2010

IPSE Asks: Is Blogger Abdul Hakim Shabazz A Double Agent?

OBSERVATION:  If it wasn't for the fact that Abdul Hakim Shabazz (INBR)  is a sitting member of the Public Safety Advisory Board we would simple write Gary's Welsh's (ADIN) recent post off as part of an ongoing skirmish between  friends-now-rival bloggers.  However in light of what is happening with the issue of public safety in our city we think Gary raises a legitimate concern.

You may think that this is an unfair characterization of everyone's favorite  radio personality/attorney/stand up comedian.  We don't think so...The self described "arm-dealer" is proud of his reputation and according to the emails we receive is well known for his double dealing in information given to him in confidence.  So this raises the question: Is it safe for anonymous readers to comment on his blog considering that he is pretty open about his affection for all-things Ballard?    

We believe the Ballard administration would find it quite useful to be able to track and identify disgruntled employees whose public comments make life miserable for their political agenda.  So is he or isn't he? 

I guess only Abdul, Tom John and Robert Vane know for sure.

Marion County Dems Council Meeting "Step Show" Trips, Slips And Falls

OBSERVATIONS:  According to Jon Easter (IDEM) and Abdul Hakim Shabazz (INBR) the walkout  (Abdul's post referenced the author of the idea)from Monday night council meeting was the brain-child of Vern Brown (VBWN).  Wow. Where do we start?

First Mr. Brown, when you grandstand it helps when it is done as a caucus, not a sub-committee. If you don't have 100% participation you don't go. That means making sure that the numbers of people you count on your fingers who are with you equals the number of people in the room. Now your team looks like a ragtag bunch of political amateurs.  Bottom line, next time get everyone on the same page or keep your collectives asses in your seats.

Second, when it comes to a battle of ideas it helps if you have have real ideas to put on the table for debate, not a simple press release. Councillor Evans, we suggest you start acting like a Mayoral candidate and not a member of Vern Brown's Conga-line otherwise you will never be taken seriously by the electorate.

Finally my little SiMi friends remember the "IndyWorks" consolidation announcement by former Mayor Bart Peterson that even took Sheriff Anderson by surprise? Yep payback is a you-know-what.  While Ballard's presentation was a yawner and he may have not included you at the table, you guys made him look like a eloquent statesman when you walked out of the chambers. 

Our question for you Vern is did you enter the chamber knowing you didn't have everyone on board?

In the meantime,  local ministers (AMCO) pulled a page from the tax protesters playbook from 2006-07 and instead of marching in the streets brought their message inside the council chambers. So while their mutual fund will climb the individuals who would be their logical allies were AWOL.

Brainchild?..Hardly.  All we can say is that the doctor who help facilitate this birth should have  pimp-slapped the daddy.

One final note - Vern the next time you want to stage a "stepshow" on the council floor think of this little tune.  


UP: NQAI $50, AMCO $120, INBR $160, IDEM $180, ADIN $190

DOWN: SiMi $40, JEVN $120, VBWN $30

Monday, August 23, 2010

Is Joe Loftus the Rahm Emanuel of the Ballard Administration?

OBSERVATIONS: Is Joe Loftus Ballard's  Rahm Emanuel?  We asked this question after noticing Paul Ogden (OGPL) has raised another potential issue with the Ballard administration, this time with special counsel to the mayor Joe Loftus.  Now according to a few of the emails we've received over the last few months, Joe and Bob Grand are the real power behind the throne. 

The origins of Loftus' ascent to the man-behind-the-thrown started with the "Transition Contract" which in effect turned over all operations of the Mayor's office including hiring, firing and contract negotiations to these two. One of our members has seen a copy and for better or worse it all but makes mayor Ballard a figurehead in his own administration. It was also shared that he has little regard for the opinions of the mayor and sees himself as the true brains behind the administration, not unlike the President's right-hand man.

It appears that Joe Loftus has a habit of making threats to get his way. According to a couple of sitting councillors, he likes to use the "I will  f%#k you up and you will never see it coming" method to get duly elected or appointed officials to see things his way.  Yep, we can see the resemblance.

One of our readers shared with us that in one case Joe bragged that he had significant influence over Democrat Rep. Greg Porter at the Statehouse because he represented Rep. Porter's employer Marion County Heath and Hospital Corp. He went on to share that "while Greg may make a lot of noise right now, a phone call from me will bring him back in line."

We see two potential problems with such a strategy. First it is short-sighted in that it slowly builds contempt and hostility even if in fact the aggressor can back up his threats. Eventually enough critical mass is created that the aggressor will soon discover that not only does his threats no longer have an impact they actually fuel individuals who would otherwise be allies.

Secondly, it has absolutely no impact on people whose livelihood do not depend on acquiescing to his demands.  We think that Joe Loftus and his cohort Bob Grand are only effective if their names, faces and tactics are kept behind the scenes.  Just like Rahm, when their names, faces and tactics are exposed to the general public, their power diminishes dramatically and eventually become more of a liability than an asset to their boss.. Bob Grand's removal from the CIB board is a prime example. 

The power of the  Loftus'/Emanuels of the world are in fact nothing more than an illusion.  The true nature of these men is that of a post-menopausal, receding hairline bully with a law degree. And that's when the ridicule begins and the eventual exit stage right.  So is Joe Loftus the Rahm Emanuel of the Ballard administration? We will let you readers decide, however we're pretty sure that Ballard is no Obama.


UP:   OGPL $230


Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Bisard Boondoggle Will Be Around A While. Ballard Should Be Worried

OBSERVATIONS:  We've been waiting for the dust to settle before we offer our take on the Bisard issue and based on this morning's headline and we're glad we did.  Of all the media sites we've reviewed over the last few days WTHR's Kevin Rader had the best summary of what is truly at stake for the City of Indianapolis and Mayor Ballard (GBAL).

We found it interesting and perhaps a sign of things to come as we observed Marion County Democratic Chairman Ed Treacy (ETRY) use of Mayor Ballard's literary accomplishment Small Unit Leadership as a visual prop.  The question we're asking is will the Democrats use SUL as the Republicans did in 2007 with Peterson Plan I, II and III?  If so, the Ballard folks better start reading up.

In the meantime we don't feel that this issue will go away anytime soon, especially after the latest front page demotions of IMPD's top three leaders.  Couple this with the possible civil suit to follow, the Brandon Johnson case and  Black Expo shootings unlike Matt Tulley, we're not convinced Ballard's re-election is a cakewalk. 

This incident has been a game-changer for both the 2010 and 2011 races.  In the space of a few weeks the AmenCorner (AMCO) went from religious rebel rousers to part of a growing coalition on anti-establishment opinion leaders.


UP:  AMCO $130, SiMi 60, ETRY $145


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Massa Hits the Airwaves, Ogden Hits the AG!

OBSERVATION:  From Hoosier Access (HOAC) Republican candidate for Marion County Prosecutor Mark Massa hits the airwaves with (in our opinion) a very professional and well toned intro ad. Gone is the smoky alley, glitzy CSI shtick from previous campaigns.  Hopefully this is an indication that if the Republicans hang on to the Prosecutor's office, that an adult will be in control instead of a over-the-hill frat boy.

The gadfly of the Establishment Paul Ogden (OGPL) has now turned his antennas on Indiana's Top Cop Greg Zoeller (GZOE). Paul's focuses the AG apparent lack of interest in enforcing Indiana's forfeiture laws. You can read more here. 

We have to give Mr. Ogden his props, he doesn't mind picking fights with political heavyweights. It still remains to be seen if his buzzing will attract the attention of other bloggers to dig deeper into this issue.


UP:  HOAC $110, OGPL $220, MMAS $100

DOWN:   GZOE $95

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

IPSE: Political Popourri

OBSERVATIONS: Sorry readers, its my week to write however my flight was late yesterday and put me way off schedule. In the meantime sit back and take a whiff of this latest amalgamation of political herbs and spices.

First up is the continuing controversy surrounding radio personality Abdul Hakim Shabazz's (INBR) appointment to the Frank Straub's advisory board.  Gary Welsh (ADIN) continues to keep this story alive and for us the issue is less about Abdul's residency and more about his previous comments concerning law enforcement and the public.

While it may be the right thing for Abdul to says to boost ratings for his radio audience it becomes harmful when the speaker is part of shaping public safety policy. And if the past is any prediction of the future we think that this will get only worse for Ballard when it comes to improving community relations.  At some point in time we feel his previous standup routines will be used against in the court of public opinion.

Speaking of the "Doctor" he didn't do himself any good with his public comments concerning the matter. Dr. Straub you have undermined the whole idea of a public safety advisory board when you admit to appointing your friends and by extension not appointing your enemies (Democratic council members). We wonder if there's anyone in this administration who doesn't go brain-dead when speaking in front of a camera?

Hoosier Access (HoAc) catches Democratic candidate for Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry taking a page out of Animal Farm when it comes to personal firearms.

Democratic bloggers are eating their own this month (we heard they are especially delicious this time of year with a little red wine and fava beans). First Indy Times (ITIM) is calling out incumbent congressman Joe Donnelly for trying to put some distance between himself and Democratic leadership in Washington. In all fairness Terry, have you ever seen a person swim toward a sinking ship?

And not to be outdone in the cannibalism department, Indy Democrat (IDEM) labeled Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as despicable for siding with almost 70% of the population (and against President Obama) who think that building a mosque on Ground Zero while it may be legal, is a bad idea. 

Finally Indy Student (ISTUD) apparently has his own deep throat in IMPD when it comes to the Bisard investigation. It will be interesting to see how this story progresses.


UP:  ADIN $125, ISTUD $145, ITIM $140, IDEM $175, HoAc $110

DOWN: $120, FSTRA $95, GBAL $100

Friday, August 13, 2010

Amos and Abdul Join Mayor Ballard's Staff...And It Didn't Cost the Taxpayers A Dime!

OBSERVATIONS: Genius Mayor. Sheer genius. With a stoke of a pen you just introduced a major game-changer for the 2011 municipal elections and it didn't cost you OR the taxpayer one thin dime.  When it comes to unemployment, raising taxes or cuts in services the Mayor can shift the blame to the downturn in the national economy. The one issue that could have been an anchor around his neck is the rise in local crime. That issue is now off the table and all but secures his ability to control the political narrative during the campaign season.

In case your readers didn't hear the latest, Mayor Greg Ballard (GBAL) announced the formation of a Public Safety Advisory Board that includes (drum roll please) two of the most recognizable voices on the radio WXNT-1430 Abdul Hakim Shabazz (INBR) and WTLC-1310 Amos Brown (ABWN).  Gary Welsh (ADIN) spared no punches in his critique of the arrangement. And he wasn't alone as Indy Democrat  (IDEM) weighs in as well.

We contend that by including Abdul on the board, Mayor Ballard can all but guarantee a positive spin on any rise in crime or wayward police officers five days a week. We did find it especially humorous to read Abdul's flaccid attempt to justify his willingness to be part of the story instead of simply reporting it. As for Amos, for the first itme in recent memory this leaves local Democrats without a friendly platform to speak out against any of the Mayor's past, present or future crime initiatives.  It will be interesting to see how public opinion reacts to this new development going into 2011.

We feel it will be all but impossible for Melina Kennedy, Jose Evans or Ron Gibson to aggressively criticize Ballard to the solidly Democratic audience of WTLC 1310 and not make Amos look like an willing accomplice.

While it was pretty obvious that Abdul was right of center and Amos left, they at least could consider themselves somewhat independent towards the local power structure.  And that's what made them both relevant and respected by their peers and followers. In our opinion this is no longer the case. From this point forward many in the community will view these two as field staff for the mayor's office and once that's your public image there's no turning back. The one good thing for the new Amos and Abdul team is that these two no longer need to pretend to be objective "journalists". As a matter of fact we're not even sure that these two will ever have an opinion they can call their own.

We won't speculate why these two would sell give their credibility away - we'll leave that up to you readers. In the meantime Mayor Greg Ballard you proved that you are ready for prime time. From this point forward you control the airwaves around Indianapolis. Now it appears that the only venue left for any voice of opposition is the blogosphere.  Let the offers begin.


UP:  GBAL $110, FSTRA $100, ADIN $120, NQAI $80, IDEM $170

DOWN: INBR $125, ABWN $100, SiMi $30

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Indy Star and Governor Daniels Engaged In "Stimulating" Conversation On Footwear!

OBSERVATIONS: Obviously Governor Daniels (MDAN) is making a few people nervous with his almost regular Sunday appearances on national networks.  Now it seems he has awaken the sleeping giant of MSM aka Indianapolis Star (INSTAR) - and yes we've decided to place Dennis Ryerson and Co. on he IPSE board.

We believe that this will be the beginning of a very targeted and robust effort against My Man Mitch as he continues to distinguish himself as former business executive who leads one of the few states that have kept their finances in the black without sending IOUs to creditors or mandatory furloughing of State workers.

So what about the letter? Well, we're going to ding him on your stock price, however all things being equal, if this is all they have on him then we think he's still sittin' pretty. 
We give the INSTAR a boost for finding a way to ruffle the Guv's feathers a bit which doesn't happen very often.

As for the whole "flip-flopping" accusation we think that the National Democratic Party really needs to re-think that strategy unless you want to address this, this, this and our favorite this. It appears that for every pair of flipflops others may find in the Governor's closet you'll find four pair in the President's.  Our advice to the DNC? Play the flipflop game at your own risk.

Our advice to the Governor? Watch co-signing letters in the future and smile at the fact that at least you can write your name of flip flops in black ink.



DOWN:  MDAN $170

SAME: AiHi $120

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Young Blogger Indy Student Takes On Abdul Hakim Shabazz's Poll Dancing

OBSERVATIONS:  Newcomer Indy Student (ISTUD) aka Matt Stone is challenging Abdul's (INBR) somewhat habitual reference to unsourced
polls that reinforces his opinion-of-the-moment. Of course this isn't the first time "his truly" has reached from behind his back to pull out a handful of facts, figures, rumours and innuendos to support his cause. 

ISTUD goes on to say "Shabazz is a talented writer, and sometimes I might even agree with him. But he has a poor history on reporting, honestly and openly, on polling statistics and other easily verifiable facts. It's just lazy journalism at best. As I said before, these polls he cites might as well be made up."

In typical Abdul fashion he dismisses Indy Student's valid points with just a hint of defensiveness "I've been in journalism/media for 20 years. I think I have a pretty good handle on this stuff. Also don't forget, I deal in gossip and rumor and clearly label it as such. I am not responsible for what the reader takes away from it."

So Mr. Shabazz wants to be trusted on his polling data without a sources yet freely admits dealing in gossip and rumor.  Wow he sounds like the misbegotten lovechild of the editors of the WSJ and the National Enquirer. What we found even more fascinating was that he accepts no responsible for the impact it may have on the reader. Hmmm.

Well at least we agree with Abdul on one thing - his reputation certainly does speaks for itself. 


UP: ISTUD $140


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dr. Whiner to Public: Me and Police Chief are BFF, Really!

OBSERVATION: Apparently Dr. Frank N. Whiner Frank Straub has become a little uncomfortable with the whole "I'm the big cheese" thingy going on for the last eight months. According to Gary Welsh's latest post our omnipotent Public Safety Director dispatched the Chief of Police to say that he and Straub are the BFF. According to our man in the know they have a joint collection of police and fire patches, text each other at least ten times a day and spend quiet times walking along the canal hand in hand. 

Let's face it, our version is just as believable as that of Chief Paul Ciesielski statements today. 

Now just so you readers know we do have a heart - even for megalomaniacal schizophrenic bureaucrats. Doc we know that you have had a very tough week trying to run the whole police and fire departments from your desk. You deserve a nice glass or warm milk, tummy rub and a good night sleep tonight. While we can provide those creature comforts perhaps we can offer a nice little lullaby...Nighty, night Dr. Whiner, sleep tight and don't let the bloggers bite.


UP:  ADIN $190

DOWN:  FSTRA $70, GBAL $80, NQAI $50

Is Frank Straub A Loose Cannon? Nope, He's Just Following Orders.

OBSERVATION:  Gary Welsh over at Advance Indiana (ADIN) has posted a series of upcloseandpersonal assessment here, here, and here of Public Safety Director Frank Straub (FSTRA) that gives us a little peak inside King-of-Kop.   Wait this just in....that's Dr. Frank Straub...sorry sir.  Of course this isn't the first time Dr. Frank has issued an nonsensical ultimatum from on high.  If any of this is true and based on a few emails we've received we have no reason to doubt Gary's evidence, we are beginning to wonder if Doc Straub is an asset or a liability for the Ballard Administration. 

According to our internal sources, Mayor Ballard doesn't have the stomach for the real work required to run a major metropolitan city and has deferred all decisions on management to Joe Loftus and Bob Grand.  In this case Joe Loftus told Frank Straub that he has the full weight and support of the Mayor behind his decisions to put the hammer down where he needed to. We were also told that because the Mayor has the leadership crippling habit of changing his mind based on the last person who talks to him. As a result, Frank has made himself the sole communicator to the Mayor when comes to public safety. So is Dr. Straub a loose cannon? Hardly.  He's only following orders from the top and so we expect that things are only going to get worse in the area of public safety.  And the neanderthal antics of Dr. Frank Straub will be the reason.

We hate to see a Indianapolis suffer under a predicable future so we offer this advice to Mayor Greg Ballard.

Mayor start acting like the leader you touted yourself to be in 2007 not middle-aged mid-manager with a mediocre staff putting in his allotted 40 hours a week. Stop delegating your political clout and power. Control your agency heads. You can't afford to work on your sequel or another travel itinerary. Be a man. If you don't start focusing on economic development, crime and quality of life you and your third string staff will be unemployed after the 2011 election. Unless of course that's the plan already.


UP:  ADIN $180

DOWN:  FSTRA $80, GBAL $90, NQAI $60

Thursday, August 5, 2010

IPSE Is: Gay Marriage Curious

OBSERVATIONS: In what is being hailed as a landmark decision by some U.S. District Chief Judge Vaughn R. Walker a gay Republican, ruled that the recent passed Proposition 8 recently passed overwhelmingly by the voters of California banning same sex marriages in the sunshine state.  While both sides believe that an appeal will ultimately send this case to the Supreme Court for a final decision.

So what's our reason for writing this post? For us the gay marriage issue is secondary to the logical disconnect in our national debate on the role of the Federal government in relation to personal freedom vs. government intrusion and by extension Federal rights vs. State rights. 

What we find totally bizarre is that the Federal government says that an individual has the right to chose the person they want to spend the rest of their life with but can't choose their own level of care to prolong that same life with that significant other. 

Left ot their own devices our lawmakers and judges will create a patchwork of laws that has neither logic nor precedents as an underpinning. Now this may be okay for some who are able to  find that special loophole to pursue their happiness, for most of us it will only be a matter of time before we inadvertently violate some illogical fiat and have all that we own, love and worked for snatched away.

Okay we're off our soapbox....  

ANALYSIS:   We're going to do do a full analysis of all mutual funds as it relates to HoCha and NoSa later in the week that will include this new development

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

IPSE Political Popourri: Minister Misleads, Ballard Baffles, Lugar Lost

OBSERVATIONS:  Like all stupid ideas we bet this one started with "What if we?" We've done some investigation as determined that Minister Harrington is not a preacher but a minister at Mt. Vernon Church a small but significant distinction as he doesn't lead the church. That being said he is undoubtedly demonstrated the most irresponsible abuse of trust and leadership we have seen in the last 20 years in Indianapolis.   If fame and notoriety was what you were seeking then you got it.You sir, are now the laughing stock of the nation and certainly here in this City. 

You have set law enforcement and community relations back decades and violated the trust bestowed upon men of the cloth.  Minister (and we use this term loosely) you owe the IMPD, the public and your church a very public apology.  If you have any male testosterone in your pathetic body you will issue your statement before the sun sets today. Be a man or begone.

Next up is a little piece on Mayor Ballard from Paul Ogden (OGPL) describing the Mayor's verbal dexterity and liberal use of "different pot o' money" strategy to describe is subsidizing of the Pacer franchise while hinting at cutback in city services.  Unfortunately this is a deep as the Mayor could get in rationalizing his budgetary priorities which again leaves us waiting in anticipation for the first time he debates his political opponents in 2011.  We just don't think he has a firm grasp on the complexities of running local government and worse no sense that he will ever be able to learn.  If I'm a Democrat candidate I'm excited about the possibilities. We'll give the mayor a slight nudge for his attempt at explaining his policies but in the future he needs to really get his words together beyond the little pieces of paper that Bob Vane stuffed in his jacket pocket.

Finally there's our esteemed senior Senator Richard Lugar (DLUG). Now we know that he is a revered statesman in every corner of Indiana however there comes a time when name recognition is not enough.  Sadly this little blurb proves our point.  While the economy is hovering on the brink of another recession, unemployment is at an all-time high our senator seems to be focused elsewhere.  Senator we all agree that child nutrition is important, however we think you could do wonders for this issue if you focused on getting the parents of those little veggies jobs.

Call us out-of-touch theorists if you like, however we think the data will show that a child of an employed parent is less likely to go to bed hungry or malnourished.  Focus on jobs and the veggies will take care of themselves.


UP: OGPL $215, GBAL $105

DOWN: AMCO $110, DLUG $95

Monday, August 2, 2010

IPSE To Ballard Campaign Staff: In the Future Think "Baseball, Basball, Baseball"

OBSERVATION:  You'd think that when you are able to get bi-partisan support on an a big piece of legislation that in and of itself is noteworthy.  Well not so for the guys running the Ballard political machine gerbil-wheel.

In what can only be described as a politically amateurish play, Ballard's highly excitable campaign virgins send out an email before the vote. An obvious a case of premature e-clickulation.  Listen up fellas the next time you're planning your next campaign email blitz get the timing down, better yet...think baseball, baseball, baseball....Unfortunately because you lads couldn't control yourselves you've now made a political stain on your boss's biggest policy accomplishment to date.

So who's to blame? Obviously the bucks finally stops at the mayor, however since it is common knowledge that he has absolutely no political savvy we had to do a little research and according to sources all signs point to the Deputy Chief of Staff and Communications Director Robert Vane (RVAN) the young guy in the middle.  You might remember him from his playful spats with Jen Wagner of Accidental Mayor fame who gushed every time he looked her way. 

Well sorry to disappoint you Mr. Vane but over here a pretty face is temporary, a stupid decision lasts a lifetime. We suggest that you run over there and get your boys back on track quick, otherwise in 2011 your Democratic opponents are gonna' have you guys in the fetal position talking to yourselves. Finally, Robert the next time you are able to secure bi-partisan support (if there is a next time) act like you've had it before not like some teenager on his first date.

As for the three Democrats who are fuming that their article was used in the email? Sorry, you guys wrote it, it was published and it's now public record and legitimate fodder for you to run on or someone to run with. Get over it.


UP:  SiMi $70

DOWN:  GBAL $100, RVAN $90, NQAI $70

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President,

MONGREL PEOPLE?!!! MONGREL PEOPLE!!!!  What the hell were you thinking? 

Mr. President, you are the most powerful man on earth, leader of the free world, and role model to millions of minority kids in America....And the best you could come up with is a lame joke that would be on the cutting room floor of any third rate stand up comedy routine.  Mongrel People. And then you have the nerve to blame the media. How freaking and utterly pathetic.

Mr. Obama what's even more disturbing was the relative ease and comfort with which you uttered these words to describe one of the most historically significant minority in the United States. It seemed a bit too natural, too easy, almost like you've repeated this before in private circles of friends who have nothing but contempt for those whose bloodline and credit card limit reek of working class. 

Mr. President, we also wonder if you also use a canine reference when you're talking about women as well?  You remind us of the awkward middle class first generation African-American college graduate who tries to fit in with elite whites by diminishing his own race - which by any standards shows an immense character flaw that no amount of professional accomplishment will hide - not even a Presidency.

Now just in case you didn't take any history classes at Harvard or missed the 1970's Roots mini-series, we're going to break down this whole "mongrel people" thing for you.  Mr. President, not all African-American with skin-tone lighter than Wesley Snipes were born as a result of love and marriage like you were. 

Many of them -us,  can trace our heritage back to a time when our great-great-great grandmother was raped by her master as her husband our great-great-great grandfather looked on with shame.  That's how some of us became the "mongrels" you speak so casually about.  The other reality is that Africa is a continent not a nation so to assume that we would all look alike is quite frankly woefully ignorant - or as ignorant as someone with an Ivy league education can be.

But let's get back to you.

Mr. President are you a man so uncomfortable with heritage who fights a never ending internal war of hating the bloodline of a white mother and the loss of affections from a black father? 

No one, not even the First Black President should refer to any group of people as mongrels.  And here's a newsflash for you Mr. President - you're almost 50 years old - Deal with your childhood woes like most adults, get a therapist or  move on. Those without jobs don't give a damn about your internal immature angst.

And just so you don't try to turn this into one of your famous "teachable moments", this isn't the first time your mouth wrote a check your ass couldn't cash.  There's this one, and this, this and last but not least this one. We are starting to realize that just like irrefutable physics formula E=MC2 realize that you oratory skill is directly proportional to your proximity to the teleprompter. We think after your less than stellar performances in the past, you wouldn't try any more uni-lateral speeches.
Our advice to you President Obama is to pull up your political pants, stop slouching in the Oval Office and act like a President not some privileged minority frat boy uncomfortable with his color and invest in a Thesaurus.

And just for the record my mother, thank God, was one of those "typical white women" because she taught me how to love myself and my family lineage especially my African-American father.

Thank you and God Bless America.

Governor Daniels Continues Upward Climb

OBSERVATIONS: We admit we've been a little lacks in following My Man Mitch, his ups and downs and for that we will make the proper adjustments today by recognizing yet another positive piece done on the national stage, however we will only bump it up a tad. Moving forward we promise to be more diligent in seeking out the good, bad and ugly transpiring at the State level. Let it not be said that we have a bias...even for the competent ones.

UP: MDAN $175, AimingHigher $120


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ballard Gushes On Water Deal With Toasts to His Little Democratic Friends

OBSERVATIONS: In what could only be described as a major policy victory, Mayor Greg Ballard (GBAL) not only pushed through the transfer of the water utilities ownership, (with a bit of a slush fund for infrastructure improvements) he was able to bring three Democratic councillors with him, much to the dismay of arch political rivals Gary Welsh (ADIN) and Terry Burns (ITIM).  In what could only rival an eclipse of the sun occurring on the same day as Halley's comet both bloggers rip into Jackie Nytes, Mary Moriarty-Adams, Paul Bateman  and Libertarian Ed Coleman (who also heard a earful from HFFT) for crossing party lines to vote in favor of the ordinance. 

Gary was particularly cutting with his analysis on who voted for what and why. And if we are to be fair, it could explain why these votes are always there for Mayor Ballard.

So will there be a price to pay for voting with the Republican mayor as Terry implies? Not hardly.  We think that this is the normal horse-trading that goes on when you have something that the other guy wants or needs. 

Besides this isn't the first time these two have cut their own deal and these three are in safe districts with high name recognition. We also think its a bit odd how silent Marion County Democrat Chairman Ed Treacy (ETRY) has been on this issue.

Sorry Terry looks like you may be a bit premature on the ole' horse head-in-the-bed routine. Remember folks, sometimes its not about who is talking, its about who isn't...and Eddie ain't talkin'!


UP: JNYE $120,  MAMA $120, GBAL $120, PBAT $110; ADIN $160, ITIM $135, HFFT $120


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jose Evans Goes To Church, Melina Kennedy Goes to the Air, Joanne Sanders Goes to Jail!

It was a busy weekend for our local Democrats as they try to dispel the moniker we gave their political mutual funds.  First up is mayoral-candidate- Jose Evans (JEVNS) who conducted a town hall meeting this weekend at Second Baptist Church on the west side of Indy. While a good first step for the councillor it did lack the "solutions" aspect that most community residents are accustomed to seeing in the past.  

What we found noticeable was the lack of the Ballard administration's participation at the event. Another sign of political ineptness. News Flash Mayor: You never ever let the opponent debate an empty seat with your name on it. It only reinforces the perception you don't care.  As we stated its a good first step for the rookie councilor but he needs to bring some more solutions to the table if he want to move in his corner.

Next up is Melina Kennedy (MKEN) who has hit the airwaves with a little piece called "working together".  While its not a bad, it isn't memorable nor inspiring and we were left wondering "what was the purpose?"  But since the weather is nice we'll give her a little bump for effort. No more freebies Melina let's get it in gear Miss Mel!

Finally there's our favorite Union supporter Joanne Sanders (JSAN) who in a show of solidarity against a secret ballot to unionize hotel workers (go figure) was arrested outside of the Hyatt hotel.  We would like to give Joanne something for her efforts however we're just not impressed with her performance .

Listen up Councillor Sanders if this was about discrimination, abuse of power or similar we would gladly raise your stock, however in this economic environment even the workers understand that they're lucky to have a job. Let's us be blunt here - housekeeping and janitorial service are not, we repeat are not skilled positions.  Wanna' raise? Learn a skill. 

In reality we saw this as an obvious dress rehearsal  for a full blown show in 2011 for the Super Bowl organizers. We expect to see plenty more of  the same next year. 


UP:   JEVNS $130,  MKEN $140, SiMi $60

DOWN:  GBAL $110

SAME:  JSAN $120

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Political Popourri: The Latest In Bone Head Moves!

OBSERVATIONS:  We are focusing on bonehead moves today.

First up. Ms Bell, please, please tell us there's no truth in this post by Paul Ogden (OGPL) stating that you hired a PR firm to assist you in addressing last week's nightmare.  Quite frankly we're not sure which is more pathetic for an organization with the track record and name brand of Indiana Black Expo:
1) Having to hire a PR firm,
2) Hiring a PR firm that didn't have the insight to hire at least one African-American or
3) Taking advice from one of the most inept mayors on community relations Indianapolis has ever had? 

I mean come on the guy couldn't even get enough people to applaud him at your event. Were you even paying attention?

Ms Bell. Sistergirl, here's a newsflash. IBE's origins are grassroots and community-based, not corporate. Our advice is to dump the PR firm and use that money to outfit your staff in a pair of Nikes and clipboards, hit the streets and re-connect with your customers.  Maybe Amos Brown (ABWN) can help you engage the community at more than just a flyover level.

Go to the barbershops, beauty shops, church meetings, libraries and local parks. Meet with those you want to buy your product. This isn't rocket science. And finally please don't listen to a Mayor who has an African-American Deputy Mayor that states "If the Mayor wants me to wash windows for this kind of money, that's what I'll do!"

Indianapolis Times has the latest on Carl Brizzi (CBRZ). As you know this "stop motion train-wreck on a man" has a stock value of zero on our board so we reflect this latest bit on news as part of the NQAI - the local GOP mutual fund.  Unfortunately, at least for this week the local GOP leadership are no stronger together than they are apart.

On a national level things aren't looking good for HopeandChange (HoCha) mutual funds as this lastest issue sucked up 5 days of natioanl airtime from what should have been another policy accomplishment of the Obama adminstration.  Also Mr. Rangel's tax escapades will wreck havoc in the next few weeks on Democratic messaging if he doesn't step down soon. As unemployment continues to remain periously high, breaks in the ranks of the Democrats concerning extending the Bush taxes cuts will significantly eroded this mutual fund. 


UP:   OGPL  $210,  ITIM $130, NoSa $110, ABWN $130

DOWN:  GBAL $110, NQAI $70, HoCha $60, OWMS $70