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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

IPSE: Political Popourri

OBSERVATIONS: Sorry readers, its my week to write however my flight was late yesterday and put me way off schedule. In the meantime sit back and take a whiff of this latest amalgamation of political herbs and spices.

First up is the continuing controversy surrounding radio personality Abdul Hakim Shabazz's (INBR) appointment to the Frank Straub's advisory board.  Gary Welsh (ADIN) continues to keep this story alive and for us the issue is less about Abdul's residency and more about his previous comments concerning law enforcement and the public.

While it may be the right thing for Abdul to says to boost ratings for his radio audience it becomes harmful when the speaker is part of shaping public safety policy. And if the past is any prediction of the future we think that this will get only worse for Ballard when it comes to improving community relations.  At some point in time we feel his previous standup routines will be used against in the court of public opinion.

Speaking of the "Doctor" he didn't do himself any good with his public comments concerning the matter. Dr. Straub you have undermined the whole idea of a public safety advisory board when you admit to appointing your friends and by extension not appointing your enemies (Democratic council members). We wonder if there's anyone in this administration who doesn't go brain-dead when speaking in front of a camera?

Hoosier Access (HoAc) catches Democratic candidate for Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry taking a page out of Animal Farm when it comes to personal firearms.

Democratic bloggers are eating their own this month (we heard they are especially delicious this time of year with a little red wine and fava beans). First Indy Times (ITIM) is calling out incumbent congressman Joe Donnelly for trying to put some distance between himself and Democratic leadership in Washington. In all fairness Terry, have you ever seen a person swim toward a sinking ship?

And not to be outdone in the cannibalism department, Indy Democrat (IDEM) labeled Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as despicable for siding with almost 70% of the population (and against President Obama) who think that building a mosque on Ground Zero while it may be legal, is a bad idea. 

Finally Indy Student (ISTUD) apparently has his own deep throat in IMPD when it comes to the Bisard investigation. It will be interesting to see how this story progresses.


UP:  ADIN $125, ISTUD $145, ITIM $140, IDEM $175, HoAc $110

DOWN: $120, FSTRA $95, GBAL $100


  1. Thanks for the mention. Hope you're recovering from any jet lag well.

    I think TOJO's stock might need some adjustment. He was the only speaker at today's election board meeting who spoke out against satellite voting.

  2. Tom looked like a cry baby complaining to reporters that Beth White had stacked the hearing with her friends. Did it occur to him to contact any PCs and experienced election days workers on the GOP side to testify against the additional satellite voting systems? Of course not. He has had zero dialogue with his elected PCs, which is one of many reasons the party is dying really fast under his leadership.

  3. ummm.. the Moslem community center is NOT being built ON "Ground Zero" but over 2 blocks away.

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  4. Yes, Wilson is right. There is even a strip joint and such establishments the same distance from Ground Zero.

    The best take on this criticism to build a mosque and community center in that location in Manhattan is that done by Jon Stewart last week. Also, please check out Our controlled media SUCKS.

  5. The strippers didn't crash two jets into the Trade Center. This isn't a relgious issue. It is one of propriety. The analogy of putting a shinto temple at Pearl Harbor is correct. Or maybe Wilson you would understand about putting a fundamentalist church next to Stonewall Inn...Just because its leagal doesn't make it right.

  6. Hector, using your logic, we should prohibit any Catholic churches near playgrounds and schools as we are all aware of the epidemic of child molestations by priests.

  7. Sorry for the misspellings IPSE, reposting.

    Funny you should mention that anon 855 since most of those acts are homosexual in nature...but I digress

    Your analogy is flawed. The Catholic Church is a religion that speaks against among other things homosexuality. Putting it next to the Stonewall Inn, while legal would be unnecessarily provactive. Get it?