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Friday, August 6, 2010

Is Frank Straub A Loose Cannon? Nope, He's Just Following Orders.

OBSERVATION:  Gary Welsh over at Advance Indiana (ADIN) has posted a series of upcloseandpersonal assessment here, here, and here of Public Safety Director Frank Straub (FSTRA) that gives us a little peak inside King-of-Kop.   Wait this just in....that's Dr. Frank Straub...sorry sir.  Of course this isn't the first time Dr. Frank has issued an nonsensical ultimatum from on high.  If any of this is true and based on a few emails we've received we have no reason to doubt Gary's evidence, we are beginning to wonder if Doc Straub is an asset or a liability for the Ballard Administration. 

According to our internal sources, Mayor Ballard doesn't have the stomach for the real work required to run a major metropolitan city and has deferred all decisions on management to Joe Loftus and Bob Grand.  In this case Joe Loftus told Frank Straub that he has the full weight and support of the Mayor behind his decisions to put the hammer down where he needed to. We were also told that because the Mayor has the leadership crippling habit of changing his mind based on the last person who talks to him. As a result, Frank has made himself the sole communicator to the Mayor when comes to public safety. So is Dr. Straub a loose cannon? Hardly.  He's only following orders from the top and so we expect that things are only going to get worse in the area of public safety.  And the neanderthal antics of Dr. Frank Straub will be the reason.

We hate to see a Indianapolis suffer under a predicable future so we offer this advice to Mayor Greg Ballard.

Mayor start acting like the leader you touted yourself to be in 2007 not middle-aged mid-manager with a mediocre staff putting in his allotted 40 hours a week. Stop delegating your political clout and power. Control your agency heads. You can't afford to work on your sequel or another travel itinerary. Be a man. If you don't start focusing on economic development, crime and quality of life you and your third string staff will be unemployed after the 2011 election. Unless of course that's the plan already.


UP:  ADIN $180

DOWN:  FSTRA $80, GBAL $90, NQAI $60


  1. The user Think Again that posts on Indiana Barrister has continually questioned the need for a Public Safety Office, and I agree. It seems to only act as the middleman between the 25th floor and the respective department heads.

  2. I agree with Think Again. The orginal intent of the position was that of policy development not the day-to-day activities. Unfortunatey it would require State action to eliminate the position. Of course Dr. Frankenwhine is certainly making the case that this position should be eliminated!

  3. Vinnie, why would it require state action to eliminate? Ballard created a whole new department on his own for code enforcement.

  4. Not sure Indy, I think it had something to do with the passing of Unigov. Regardless it was created by State Statute.

  5. @Vinnie Dr. Frankenwhine! Love it!

  6. Personally I tihnk Ballard is just a spacefiller. I wouldn't be surprised if he decided at the last minute not to run for re-election and the Party is "forced" to special caucus for a replacement. Shortly after his election he admitted he was in way over his head and it hasn't gotten any better. You would think that a man with his experience and advisors could grow into the job. What a disaapointment. I guess we will have to accept Mark Miles instead.

  7. The Mayor is in way over his head. The man cannot speak an entire sentance with out stumbeling.He is a joke. He hires people who know nothing about their positions.Huber you kistening?

    If I was Melina I would grab onto this IMPD issue right away and not let go.I have a feeling that after todays Chief PR deal that we will not hear another word from the Chief.He is not allowed to talk with the Mayor at all.Great way to run a city.

    Straub will cost the Mayor the election. Or maybe the all you can eat deal at the Golden Corral will stop him from running also