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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ballard Seems Comfortable With Chaos In His Administration

OBSERVATIONS:  A physician, an engineer and a lawyer were arguing about whose profession was the oldest. 

The surgeon announced, "Remember how God removed a rib from Adam to create Eve? Obviously, medicine is the oldest profession."  

The engineer replied, "But before that, God created the heavens and the earth from chaos, in less than a week. You have to admit that was a remarkable feat of engineering, and that makes engineering an older profession than medicine."

The lawyer smirked, and said, "Who do you think created the chaos?"

We think this joke captures the essence of the Ballard Administration.  In this case the Mayor has relied on two attorneys Barnes and Thornburg's Bob Grand and Joe Loftus as his key advisers relegating the mayor as little more than a point man for overseas junkets. In the space of two days we are witnessing the beginning of chaos and Mayor Ballard seemingly unaware or unconcerned.

First you have this bizarre story from Russ McQuaid on what appears to be an internal Watergatesque scenario that allegedly links Dr. Frank Straub to a possible wiretapping of  IMPD Major William Benjamin's office.   This is on top of a botched vehicular accident investigation involving an IMPD officer leading to a civilian fatality.

Second, WTHR13 Mary Miltz has a politically embarrassing piece on John aka "Jetson" Clark's well documented spending spree, arrest and recent job interview all on the taxpayer's dime.  Ballard's response to Milz inquiries sounded like the mid-manager he truly is instead of the leader of the 14 largest city in America as he unsuccessfully tries to shift the blame to the Airport Authority Board.

According to a couple of sources who contacted us via email,despite repeated warning from others these two characters were hired under the direct orders from our two modern day Rasputins, Joe Loftus (JLOF) and Bob Grand (BGRAN).  It is painfully obvious that this Mayor is an empty suit of a man. In some sort of Faustian deal he has given all of his power and authority to these two attorneys in exchange for what appears to be his political manhood.

In the meantime the City of Indianapolis is beginning to look a lot like a taxpayer financed reality show with Ballard as its comically clueless star.  And for the record, we feel that this upcoming speech by Hizzoner only address the symptoms of what is ailing IMPD. Ballard and his incompetent sycophants fail to understand that this isn't a crisis of the rank and file, this is a crisis of leadership. His leadership.

Indianapolis residence are again asked a familiar question: "Had Enough Yet?"

Our answer "No Question About It."


UP:  MKEN $180, SiMi $105

DOWN:  GBAL $30, FSTRA $30, NQAI $10, JLOF $70,  BGRAN $80


  1. Every time I hear another example of how Loftus and Grand call the shots, I get more angry. I am angry for myself and for countless others who put our own lives and fortunes on hold for an entire summer and fall leading up to the 2007 election to position Ballard to win.

    Our work was for Ballard, not Loftus and Grand. Ballard betrayed us. Kennedy isn't any better. Let's pray someone capable and honest approaches the Libertarians to run against the establishment sell outs.

  2. Ballard is merely keeping to the script that was given to him on his 3 hour drive to Evansville after the election. He was told who he would hire and who he would fire. He was told that all he had to do was show up for work. Bob and Joe are running things and sadly Baker and Daniels is already paid off to make sure there isn't another upset like 2007. Melina is merely playing her role as loyal opposition. She will be defeated not by Ballard but by a system that exists to maintain the status quo. They learned from Tom John's failed attempt to put up the weakest candidate to insure Peterson's re-election bid. They don't want it to happen again even with this poor excuse for a mid-level manager.

  3. So we are led to believe that the FBI "bugged" Benjamin's office instead of his home and cell phone?!!!

    Come on Ballard?

    This has Dr. Straub's paranoid fingers all over it!

  4. Elections have consquences...and in this case you have leaders in law enforcement leadership that illegally spying on its own. And we are now suppose to trust them when it comes to investigating police brutality and wrongful death accusations?

    Where's Mr. Abdul Hakim Shabazz now? Oh that's right he has his nose up the Mayor's ass and his right hand giving him a reach around.

  5. Shoudln't Loftus' and Grand's stock go up, for so thoroughly taking control of the 25th floor?

    And Ballard's stock (and NQAI's mutual fund) is quickly becoming junk. Soon he might be joining the ranks of CBRZ

  6. All the votes so far are like mine, AGREE. Nailed it, ispe.

  7. You simply cannot make this stuff up. Just when we think that it can not get worse, it does.Whats next?

    Next we will find out that Tom Johns real name is Julie.

    Straub teaches interpersonal communcations at IUPUI

    Ballard is a personal trainer in real life.

    Jason Fishburns dad has a PhD from Harvard and took the family on vacation to Utah on the money he was paid by Wishard.

    An independent winning the mayors race?

    The Mayor will be able to complete a full sentance with out fumbeling.

    The bug was placed there by one of Hudnuts mistresses.

    The bug came out of Brizzis private collection that he got from one of Durhams hooker parties

    I know that these things may be a little out there,but when we take a look at what has gone on in the past few weeeks, all things are possible.

    Great Blog today guys, very well done.

    I pray that someone will read this to the Mayor,very slowwwww so he will be able to getthe gravity of the situaiton.Maybe Winnnnie will read it to him tonight at the Golden Corral buffet.

  8. Let's see.... if this was the GONG Show... Mayor Marine would have been GONGED months back for IGNORING the BRIZZI situation and NEVER, EVER commenting on it.

    That to me says it all. Mayor Marine is PUKE!

  9. Everyone forgot to mention the bizzare "sex and drugs" shooting outside of Mayor Grand, Thug Loftus, and Pawn Vaughn's place of business. Good thing our loyal Marine outsourced the City management to that outfit (sarcasm). Local Republican activists (are there any left?) should recruit a young Republican and support his or her candidacy for council or to challange the Military Mayor in a primary.

  10. Anon 1:39 PM said:

    "Bob and Joe are running things and sadly Baker and Daniels is already paid off to make sure there isn't another upset like 2007. Melina is merely playing her role as loyal opposition. She will be defeated not by Ballard but by a system that exists to maintain the status quo."

    A Kennedy (or another Democrat's) victory in the Mayor's race would hardly be an "upset." It's a 55% Democrat county and Mayor Ballard is hardly popular with his own base. It would be a huge upset if Ballard wins re-election.

    I think the evidence is overwhelming that advisers around the Mayor are cashing in and throwing the Mayor under the political bus, fully expecting he won't be back in 2012. I don't see any credible evidence that they're crafting some briliant re-lection strategy. Mayor Ballard is DOA politically if he runs again.