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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Marion County Dems Council Meeting "Step Show" Trips, Slips And Falls

OBSERVATIONS:  According to Jon Easter (IDEM) and Abdul Hakim Shabazz (INBR) the walkout  (Abdul's post referenced the author of the idea)from Monday night council meeting was the brain-child of Vern Brown (VBWN).  Wow. Where do we start?

First Mr. Brown, when you grandstand it helps when it is done as a caucus, not a sub-committee. If you don't have 100% participation you don't go. That means making sure that the numbers of people you count on your fingers who are with you equals the number of people in the room. Now your team looks like a ragtag bunch of political amateurs.  Bottom line, next time get everyone on the same page or keep your collectives asses in your seats.

Second, when it comes to a battle of ideas it helps if you have have real ideas to put on the table for debate, not a simple press release. Councillor Evans, we suggest you start acting like a Mayoral candidate and not a member of Vern Brown's Conga-line otherwise you will never be taken seriously by the electorate.

Finally my little SiMi friends remember the "IndyWorks" consolidation announcement by former Mayor Bart Peterson that even took Sheriff Anderson by surprise? Yep payback is a you-know-what.  While Ballard's presentation was a yawner and he may have not included you at the table, you guys made him look like a eloquent statesman when you walked out of the chambers. 

Our question for you Vern is did you enter the chamber knowing you didn't have everyone on board?

In the meantime,  local ministers (AMCO) pulled a page from the tax protesters playbook from 2006-07 and instead of marching in the streets brought their message inside the council chambers. So while their mutual fund will climb the individuals who would be their logical allies were AWOL.

Brainchild?..Hardly.  All we can say is that the doctor who help facilitate this birth should have  pimp-slapped the daddy.

One final note - Vern the next time you want to stage a "stepshow" on the council floor think of this little tune.  


UP: NQAI $50, AMCO $120, INBR $160, IDEM $180, ADIN $190

DOWN: SiMi $40, JEVN $120, VBWN $30


  1. IPSE you guys ROCK!!!!! Love your commentary and colorful illustrations. You make the stupid things elected officals do intertaining ala Jon Stewart. Keep it up!!!

  2. IPSE, I never wrote anything about who thought of the walkout nor did you ask me who I thought was responsible for the walkout. Thus, your first sentence, in my view is incorrect.

    All the Councillor I spoke to told me was that it was a coordinated effort.

    Thanks again for the mention.

  3. Sorry about that Jon, we were trying to include your post and didn't rearrange the rest of the sentence. Corection made.

  4. It happens! I err on my posts sometimes. I appreciate the mention.