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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

IPSE Political Popourri: Minister Misleads, Ballard Baffles, Lugar Lost

OBSERVATIONS:  Like all stupid ideas we bet this one started with "What if we?" We've done some investigation as determined that Minister Harrington is not a preacher but a minister at Mt. Vernon Church a small but significant distinction as he doesn't lead the church. That being said he is undoubtedly demonstrated the most irresponsible abuse of trust and leadership we have seen in the last 20 years in Indianapolis.   If fame and notoriety was what you were seeking then you got it.You sir, are now the laughing stock of the nation and certainly here in this City. 

You have set law enforcement and community relations back decades and violated the trust bestowed upon men of the cloth.  Minister (and we use this term loosely) you owe the IMPD, the public and your church a very public apology.  If you have any male testosterone in your pathetic body you will issue your statement before the sun sets today. Be a man or begone.

Next up is a little piece on Mayor Ballard from Paul Ogden (OGPL) describing the Mayor's verbal dexterity and liberal use of "different pot o' money" strategy to describe is subsidizing of the Pacer franchise while hinting at cutback in city services.  Unfortunately this is a deep as the Mayor could get in rationalizing his budgetary priorities which again leaves us waiting in anticipation for the first time he debates his political opponents in 2011.  We just don't think he has a firm grasp on the complexities of running local government and worse no sense that he will ever be able to learn.  If I'm a Democrat candidate I'm excited about the possibilities. We'll give the mayor a slight nudge for his attempt at explaining his policies but in the future he needs to really get his words together beyond the little pieces of paper that Bob Vane stuffed in his jacket pocket.

Finally there's our esteemed senior Senator Richard Lugar (DLUG). Now we know that he is a revered statesman in every corner of Indiana however there comes a time when name recognition is not enough.  Sadly this little blurb proves our point.  While the economy is hovering on the brink of another recession, unemployment is at an all-time high our senator seems to be focused elsewhere.  Senator we all agree that child nutrition is important, however we think you could do wonders for this issue if you focused on getting the parents of those little veggies jobs.

Call us out-of-touch theorists if you like, however we think the data will show that a child of an employed parent is less likely to go to bed hungry or malnourished.  Focus on jobs and the veggies will take care of themselves.


UP: OGPL $215, GBAL $105

DOWN: AMCO $110, DLUG $95


  1. Senator Lugar has served us well however it is time for him to go. He needs to retire with grace and stop trying to secure the Nobel Peace Prize.

  2. good point IPSE! Great observation Anon 347! He is passed his prime. I wonder who the Republicans have in the wings?

  3. Has Minister Harrington apologized yet, or has he left town?

  4. Senator Lugar needs to retire. Ballard needs to stick to his notes. Rev. Harrington needs to get his a@@ kicked.

  5. IPSE, I read this article in the Star yesterday from Mr. Ike Randolph. Great wrtiing and he didn't need assemble a task force to develop a solution. Go figure.