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Friday, March 12, 2010

GOP Investors Wonder If County Chairman Tom John Is Running A Shell Corp for Marion County Democrats. You Decide.

OBSERVATIONS:  We've held this posting for a while because quite quite frankly we couldn't believe it. So what is it?

Well apparently a few GOP foot soldiers feel that Chairman Tom John (TOJO) has deliberately decided not to field any candidates for township races in Pike Township in the northwest portion of the County and even skipped a few offices in Washington and Warren Township as well.

In frustration they are wondering how can the Republican Party mount a successful countywide race Mark Massa-(MMAS) for Prosecutor and Dennis Fishburn-(DFISH) for Sheriff without creating grassroots synergy that comes from local slating candidates that could support at least tangentially, their GOP countywide cohorts. Conversely, this leaves Democrat candidates in Pike Township without opponents and allows them to turn their volunteers and monetary resources toward their countywide candidates.  We are forced to agree with our reader that Tom's decision provides a great boost for Democrats running for countywide offices and as a Chairman have some questioning his judgement and/or loyalty to the Party and even Massa's campaign.

Now maybe Chairman John has a brilliant masterplan that will totally confound and confuse his counterpart Ed Treacy (ETRY). We have no idea, however we believe that the lack of a full compliment of candidates for the upcoming general election in a county that each year trends more and more Democratic just doesn't make any sense and should raise eyebrows. 

According to a our sources democrats couldn't be more pleased at this outcome as Pike Township while certainly Democrat friendly has its share of Independent voters who now only have one choice and Republicans none.  Perhaps its just a fundamental aspect of one Party playing to win instead of not to lose. So is the local party merely a shell company for the Democrats? We'll let you decide.

Below is an unaltered copy of the slated GOP candidates taken from the county website.

Mark Massa – Prosecutor
Dennis Fishburn – Sheriff
Joe Hecko – Auditor
Jana Scott – Clerk
Becky Williams – Assessor

Carlos May – Congressional District 7


Kurt Webber – 86
Cindy Noe – 87
Brian Bosma – 88
Cindy Kirchhofer – 89
Mike Speedy – 90
Bob Behning – 91
Phil Hinkle – 92
David Frizzell – 93
David Dessauer – 96
Wes Robinson – 97
David Blank – 99
Jeff Miller – 100

Mike Delph – 29
Jim Merritt – 31
Terry Dove – Trustee
Darrell McGaha – Constable
William Fisher, Jr. – Small Claims Court Judge
Stephen Rink – Trustee
Jerry Young – Constable
John Kitley, Jr. – Small Claims Court Judge
Ross Hughes – Trustee
Brian Bulger – Constable
Jim Joven – Small Claims Court Judge
Dino Batalis – Trustee
David Taylor – Constable
Bob Spear – Small Claims Court Judge
Dan Moriarty – Trustee
Paul Scott – Constable
Amy Jones – Small Claims Court Judge
Jon Sturgill – Small Claims Court Judge
Alan Driver – Constable
Daniel Vaughn – Small Claims Court Judge
Andy Harris – Trustee


UP:  ETRY  $120, JLAY $130, TCUR $120

DOWN:  MMAS $100, DFISH $100, TOJO $20 


  1. Tell your Pike readers not to worry Tom John is getting behind Tim Kopenen for City-County Council in 2011. That's the race he's really targetting. He is first choice Dorothy Henry was such a disappointment that he dumped her for Tim. Adn of course Tim is beside himself with the idea of being called Councilman.

  2. Wow! Of course now Paul Ogden's post about Tim Kopenen's crusade for Pike Schools makes sense now. Get grassroots support and turn it into votes for your City-County Council race. Sounds like a plan.

  3. Mark Massa has to be absolutely thrilled about this. With enemies like these who needs friends?

  4. don't underestimate Tim. Senator Mike Delph owes him a big favor for the behind the scenes work he did for him to secure his seat in the special election. He also list as part on his resume that he's Dan Burton's minority outreach coordinator. Not that I ever knew he the Congressman even thought he needed one. Pretty impressive credentials.

  5. Pleasse let Tim run!!!! The guy is a diminutive pudgy clown with a great white hope syndrome. We've heard is "Mammie" jokes about Lula Patton and are waiting for him to show up on the ballot so we can finally put an end to his antics here in Pike. And just for the record we don't care who is backing Tim we will take him and Delph and Delph's daddy Burton if they want to play hardball.

  6. I can't believe the Republicans still have this guy in charge of their local party. What a joke! Can't he do anything right?

  7. And to top it off, he has no money.
    Does May and Sgt Fishburn really think that they will see a penny? The elected PCs and WCs and Area chairs are getting tired of Tom Johns ego
    We are sure that he will soon do something stupid soon.He always does

  8. So, what I'm hearing is Mayor Ballard a Pike resident will not be able to vote for a Republican Trustee, Constable or Judge in his own Township? ROFLMAO! You really can't make this s%%t up!

  9. @anon 10:19 Don't underestimate Tim Koponen. His wife Mary Chalmers is the Pike Township Liasion for the Mayor. There's a nice little constituency base for him to tap into when it comes to doling out favors.

  10. When will the rank and file of the Repubican party stand up and understand that they really have no say in the government of Marion County Politics. Tommy and Carmel Davie Brooks run the show.

    They are doing such a nice job for Fishburn and May

  11. Tom has already cut a deal to undermind Carlos. It was stated by Lacey Johnson that under no circumstances is Carlos to get any help whatsoever outside of token fundraisers. Tom also has a similar relationship with Carlos' campaign manager as he did with Ballard's. Every time Carlos hits the road to raise money and his profile, Tom has already called ahead. Again same strategy different candidate.

  12. TOJO needs to read the whole book of the Art of War,not just little quotes.He is getting hit on all flanks.He has no money for his warriors. One is srong,one is clueless and one is young.One out of three will win.

  13. So don't keep us in the dark anon511, who is who?

  14. Tom is pretty darn slick. He has finally placed his former girlfriend now wife Christina Trexler on the PACE/OAR board an inner city agency designed to assist ex-offenders. Funny thing is in one of his drunken bar rants at the Columbia Club he stated "fuck 'em if they can't get a job, they're crimminals." Now he installs Christina as the ED? Life is good if you're TOJO!

  15. YourBartender,
    When/Where did this Lacy Johnson statement take place?

    What's the relationship with TOJO that Mr. May's Campaign Manager has that's being exploited?

    Being somewhat new to all this, but trying engaged, I want to know what the "real" story is and how reliable this second- and third-hand info actually is.


  16. Red Devil,

    Actually I had no idea about the Tim Kopenen for City-County Council in 2011. After his support for more property taxes for Pike residents vis a vis the referendum, I'd have to question his judgment. Then again, he would fit in with many of the current Republican councilors.

  17. I thought that Tom John married a Private Eye. Wouldnt she know about all of the girl friends and the drunk comments at the Colombia club?

  18. Tom is not. I repeat NOT a political genius or even competent for that matter. He modus operandi is expediency. he's doesn't think long-term and that's why he's kneww deep in his own excrement.

    aonon 851, Christina played a PI while working for a law firm in addition to her all but average paralegal work. She had a pretty face and nice legs and that's all she needed when it came to catching wayward spouses.

    She totally missed Tom's little fling with the barfly who took an unauthorize bonus from teh coffers of the MCGOP leading to bounced checks and delayed payroll. They couldn't prosecute her because both Tom and Carl couldn't afford to have her testify in public. (insert your own reasons here)

    No one there took her seriously and that title is her only academic credentials. Tom had a smart wife (so say too smart for Tom's standards) but his nights out with the boys became to tempting for a guy who thinks with his d!ck, and is a loudmouth and condecending a@@hole after two drinks. And that's how he found Christina. What Christina hasn't realized is that he is the same guy that trolled for you when he was married to Buffie and he hasn't changed.

    He seeks power and control but will get neither because he can't even control himself. It is too late for him to change what has already been set in motion. He's attracting too much attention and his antics will soon be on YouTube.

    As for Christina's appointment to PACE/OAR? sorry that's old news.

  19. Wow, Ballard actually lives in Pike Twp?

    He must helicopter everywhere, because if he had to drive on Pike's streets and roads, you would think he might have a few of them repaved.