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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

IPSE Ask: What Would Byrd Say?

OBSERVATIONS:  Yesterday the longest serving member of Congress Senator Robert Byrd died early Monday morning at the age of 92.  Out of respect for the office of Senator as opposed to the man, we will leave the comments up to you, however we couldn't help but wonder...what would happen if....

Monday, June 28, 2010

Vop to the Top: Isili Gains the Big Mo for SOS Bid!

OBSERVATION: Political newcomer Vop Osili (VOSI), demolished his intra-party rival Tom McKenna (TMCK) this weekend by a vote count of 1,215 to 388 a impressive ration of almost 3:1.  On the other hand while we think the GOP has a credible candidate in Charlie White (CWHI) who ran unopposed in his slating contest, they (the GOP) seem stuck on the W/M, W/F model for candidate selection.

Now we're not suggesting that the GOP party play the "identity politics" game, however you would think that these guys (the GOP) could come up with at least one credible candidate for statewide office. 

Nevertheless, we give Osili a sizable stock boost for winning his nomination for Secrectary of State and more importantly securing those southern Indiana votes that may translate into a political problem for candidate White.  Not sure how this will turn out but it will be fun to watch!


UP:  VOSI $130


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

IPSE's Make Up or Break Up #4: Bob Cockrum and Ryan Vaughn

OBSERVATION: Today's Make Up or Break Up illustrates the perennial-old battle between youth and age.  In this case its the young Turk Ryan Vaughn and the Old Bull Bob Cockrum. 
As we have mentioned before in earlier posts, Ryan has had a meteoric rise to power on the council. One day he's sitting on the back row, the next day he wielding the gavel. Go figure.  On the other side is the silver-haired sage Bob Cockrum.  He has weathered many of debates on the floor with the tempermant of someone who has seen it all and remembers most of it.  So as Cockrum sits on the iceberg of politics floating off into the cold ocean of oblivion, we ask its this the end?  Will Ryan push or pull Bob's iceberg?  Will Bob go quiety or offer solutions to his young successor? You be the judge.

All you need to do is cast your vote using the agree/disagree buttons at the bottom of each posts if you believe there will be any reconciliation between the selected individuals. If you think our political couple will start over press "agree".  If you think that things are forever broken then press "disagree". Remember the power is in your hands. It is up to you to see if all is lost between the May/December romance.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

Brian Williams Drops Mayoral Bid...And Then There Were Three....

OBSERVATIONS:  In what could be the political shocker of the year, Democratic primary mayoral candidate Brian Williams (BWMS) has announced he is no longer running for mayor.  We find it a bit odd considering that many considered him a fresh face and better choice that heavily favored candidate Melina Kennedy.  Now we can't help but be a bit cynical at least for now and so we will keep our ears and eyes open to see what if anything Mr. Williams was offered to clear the path for Melina.  So where does this new development leave the remaining longshots Jose Evans and Ron Gibson? We'll leave that bit of speculation up to you folks.

And to Mr. Williams, good luck sir we unaimously beleive you would have been a worthy opponent for Mayor Ballard.


UP:  MKEN $130, ETRY $145, GBAL $110, JEVNS $110, RGIB $110


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pacers Blink But Ann Lathrop Winks As Negotiations Continue

OBSERVATIONS:  Can you remember your first sexual experience? (ok, calm down we are going somewhere with this-promise)

That's where we are now with the whole Pacers/City negotiations.  What we're seeing is that "magical" third date with your  latest love interest. This is the "back seat negotiations" of our more formative years.

Now keep in mind that ever since the new Lucas Fieldhouse opened with fanfare and the City of Indianapolis went "all the way" Colts' owner Jim Irsay the Simons have wanted to renegotiate an even sweeter deal.  The first deal was the heavy petting of the partnership. Now as the heat of expectations rise, both want more, so while the city's mouth is saying no, the eyes are really saying yes.   

Of course for the sake of the game we will assume the negotiations really mean what the Indianapolis Star is trying to tell us is that the City is really a "good girl" who doesn't just "give it away" to anyone who asks.

For Bob Grand (BGRN) and Joe Loftus (JLOF) this will turn into brief decline in the their stock, however we know this is just part of the game (and more billable hours to the firm), we will raise Mayor Ballard (GBAL) and Ann Lathrop's (ALTH) stocks for at least providing the appearence of token resistance.  And for you readers we suggest that you folks make a run to the drug store for a little protection.


UP:  GBAL $100, ALTH $100

DOWN:  JLOF $90, BGRN $100

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

IPSE Caption This #2:

OBSERVATIONS: We have been knee-deep in work over the last few days but promise to catch up for the rest of the week tomorrow. In the meantime please feel free to focus your mind-reading skills on this photo of Governor Charlie Crist of Florida as he carefully examines the sandy cheeks beach of his  homstate for signs of oily residue.

Friday, June 11, 2010

IPSE Wants Your Photos!

OBSERVATIONS: We're thinking about augmenting the "Caption This" segment to our blog and sure could use your help. We would like to offer an invitation to you to submit your photos of our famous politicos and pundits you see at public functions. We know we're a bit late with this latest offer however tonight is Zoobilation where we a lot of movers and shakers strut their stuff as they walk and talk with the animals.  We're looking at this as a trial run for the the upcoming State Party Conventions and HobNob events later this year.  So if you want to be our eyes (and photo-finger) tonight we'd be mighty abliged.  Think of it as a political scavenger hunt

Good luck and happy hunting!

IPSE Welcomes Two Oldies But Goodies To the Board: Rev. Mmoja Ajabu and Rev. Lionel Rush

OBSERVATION:  For the last few days we've kept our eyes on the IMPD police brutality story and the various opinions herehere and here.  We take this time to introduce to the board to religious leaders to the IPSE board, Rev. Mmoja Ajabu (AJBU) and Rev. Lionel Rush (RUSH).  Now these two community activists are well-known for being a thorn in the side of Indianapolis mayors over the last few decades.  We're not sure yet how much influence they still have in the community however, it should be interesting to watch as we enter into the 2011 municipal elections.

One factoid we find noteable is the background of the lead attorney for Brandon Johnson, Mr. Stephen Wagner. We think it will be interesting to see how Mr. Johnson's attorney Stephen Wagner a former partner with Riley Bennett & Egloff, (which has significant ties to the Ballard adminstration ) will navigate through these political straits.  We imagine that an out of court settlement is in the works right now to put this story to rest before the end of the summer.


UP:  AJBU $100, RUSH $100


Thursday, June 10, 2010

On the Highway of Politics Ryan Vaughn Is In the Fast Lane!

OBSERVATIONS:  We've been keeping our eye on the rising star in the Republican Party in the person of Ryan Vaughn (RVHN) and quite honestly we are impressed. He wnet from a sitting on the backrow of the Council chambers to the Big Chair with cheetah-like speed (in honor of the Zoo's newest arrival). While he's taken his share of hits from both Republicans and Democrats detractors, he just keeps plugging along.  We also would be amiss if we didn't recognize the recruiting efforts of his advisors Barnes and Thornburg bigwigs Bob Grand (BGRN) and Joe Loftus (JLOF) who have done a stellar job in identifying and molding new political talent.  So what's the future hold for this soon-to-be B&T partner...can you say "Mayor Vaughn"?


UP:  RVHN $120, BGRN $110, JLOF $100


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

IPSE's Caption This #1: Helen Thomas

OBSERVATIONS: This the first of a new series called "Caption This" for your reading pleasure.  If you have photos you'd like to submit for consideration please send them to Okay now go get your snarky caps on and post away.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Amos and Abdul Offer Opinions On the Black Community and Popo.

OBESERVATION:  Today we decided to provide a forum for the latest conversation on the latest alleged police brutality incident from last month.  For this particular post we present perspectives by two well-known Indianapolis African-American pundits. Both Amos and Abdul have wieghed in on the issue and we boost both of their stocks for offering to cover the range of opinions on this unfortunate occurrance. We'll let you readers tease out the truth. 


UP:  INBR $140,  ABWN $105


Monday, June 7, 2010

IPSE Salutes Congressman Andre Carson's New Focus On Foreign Affairs

OBSERVATION: We were surprise to read that Indianapolis native Congressman Andre Carson (ACAR) is weighing in on the increasing tension in the middle east between the Israelis and the Arab world.  To our knowledge not since Lee Hamilton has a Democrat congressman spoke out specifically on issues involving overseas conflicts with such  authority, and certainly we don't recall his grandmother the late Julia Carson focusing on foreign affairs to any great extent.

Now most of you readers know that he sits on the Financial Service Committee and if you're like us you are wondering how far is he willing to follow through on his public statement and to what degree does his committee assignment facilitate an investigation?  In the meantime we give the Congressman the benefit of the doubt that he will put deeds to words and a little boost for weighing into troubled waters that stretch beyond the White River.


UP: ACAR $90


Saturday, June 5, 2010

IPSE Welcomes Indy Student to the Exchange. Live Long And Prosper!

OBSERVATIONIndy Student (ISTUD) has the distinction of being the first follower to engage in actual trading (the real purpose of our blog) and so we would be amiss if we didn't include him in on all the ups and downs of Indy's political blogosphere.  We also think he will really like his exchange symbol. Good luck Indy! While all newcomers enter into the market at a flat rate of $100, for his contributions to our blog in terms of trading and comment postings we Indy Student opens at $130 - now don't spend it all in one place. Welcome to the Board ISTUD!

PS: Please create an image for us to use in the near future. Otherwise we might need to get creative.

Friday, June 4, 2010

IPSE Suggests That Disabled Take A Stand In Airport Parking Increase

OBSERVATION:   We continue to shake our head in wonderment at the Ballard Aministration's total ineptness in policy management, specifically with regards to the political maxim "perception is everything".  According to Advance Indiana's post on the subject. Depending on how you care to view the issue an increase from $9 to $18 is a 100% markup or a increase long pass due. What we find remarkable is that while the IAA recoups some $280,000 in additional revenue in one hand they dole out millions (Paul Ogden post) in the other.  Now keep in mind that elected officials will still park for free. Now we aren't ones to snipe without solutions so here are our ideas.

1) All of you disabled individuals out there need to improve your art skills and apply for a grant from the City. Not only can you enhance the cultural atmosphere in Indianapolis you might be able make enough to cover the cost of parking next time you visit our airport...

2) Skip all of that artsy stuff and just run for office.

3) Ask the Mayor to adopt you and work for someone getting a City contract.


UP: ADIN $125,  OGPL $185

DOWN:  GBAL $70,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Director Straub To Hold Press Conference On Use of Force Procedures

OBSERVATION:  In what most would consider a rare move from members of the Ballard Adminstration, Director Straub is taking the initiative to get in front of the latest police brutality allegation and in an effort to support better police/community relations, we wanted to pass this press release to you.


UP:  FSTRA $100, GBAL $90


The Public Safety Director and the Chief of Police will brief on IMPD’s Resistance Control Continuum, use of force, arrest procedures and techniques.

WHAT: Public Safety Director and Chief of Police, along with academy staff, will present a briefing on IMPD’s Resistance Control Continuum, use of force and arrest procedures and techniques for the representatives of the media, faith-based and community organizations.

WHO: Frank G. Straub Ph.D., Director, Public Safety, City of Indianapolis.

Paul R. Ciesielski, Chief of Police, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

WHERE: IMPD Police Academy – large gym

901 N. Post Road – entrance #9

WHEN: Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 at 12:00PM

Media Contacts: Sgt. Linda Jackson, 317.670.0644,

Maura Leon-Barber, 317.590.7844,

IPSE Make Up or Break Up? #4: Amos Brown and Mayor Greg Ballard

OBSERVATION: Today's Make Up or Break Up choice was submitted by a one of our longtime readers. This one takes us back to the year 2007.

Let's reminence back to the first time these two love birds met. One was as a mountain of a man, an outsider running against the odds to be mayor of Indianapolis. The other a diminuative icon in Indianapolis with a voice that is heard across the black community.  There was an initial spark of interest as both eyed each other from across the table.  Now we know that even in our post-racial generation today, an interracial relationship is not the easiest thing to do and while efforts were made, so were missteps.  Unfortuneately it wasn't long before the mountain man, now Mayor, vowed never to speak to the tiny man with the big voice ever  again (forever ever? yes..forever ever). Our question for you is will this Ebony and Ivory couple ever see eye-to-eye over the radio microphones?   

All you need to do is cast your vote using the agree/disagree buttons at the bottom of each posts if you believe there will be any reconciliation between the selected individuals. If you think our political couple will start over press "agree". If you think that things are forever broken then press "disagree". Remember the power is in your hands. It is up to you to see if it is possible to spice up this salt and pepper relationship.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Terry Burns Indianapolis Time Hits It Big With Mention In BCD!

OBSERVATION:  You know you've made it to the bigtime when you are mentioned in the Behind Closed Doors. We give Terry Burns of Indianapolis Times (ITIM) a boost in his stock price. Apparently he has exposed a sensitive nerve in the Democratic Council Caucus that may require an extraction or two.  Not sure if the powers that be (Ed Treacy) will allow this to happen in what is shaping up to be another pivotal election year in Indianapolis, we guess time will tell.


UP: ITIM $120, JNYE $105, MAMA $105 


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

While Its Still Early, Brian Williams Separates From the Pack!

OBSERVATIONS: While we admit that it is much too earlyto peg a frontrunner for the Democratic nominee for 2011 mayoral election, Brian Williams (BWMS) has separated himself from the pack with his analysis of the Ballard adminsration's water transfer deal. Several bloggers here, here, and here from across the political spectrum have weighed in and all of them side with Brian on this one.

Not sure if this will be the issue that makes or breaks Mayor Ballard however for some insiders its like a roll in catnip for some political felines. While we respect the fact that Jose Evans was the first to raise attention to the Veiola deal, Brian was able to use his legal talents and connections to make it his own. 


UP: ADIN $115, BWMS $135, ITIM $100, IPOPA $155

DOWN: GBAL $80, MKEN $100, JEVN $100