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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Bisard Boondoggle Will Be Around A While. Ballard Should Be Worried

OBSERVATIONS:  We've been waiting for the dust to settle before we offer our take on the Bisard issue and based on this morning's headline and we're glad we did.  Of all the media sites we've reviewed over the last few days WTHR's Kevin Rader had the best summary of what is truly at stake for the City of Indianapolis and Mayor Ballard (GBAL).

We found it interesting and perhaps a sign of things to come as we observed Marion County Democratic Chairman Ed Treacy (ETRY) use of Mayor Ballard's literary accomplishment Small Unit Leadership as a visual prop.  The question we're asking is will the Democrats use SUL as the Republicans did in 2007 with Peterson Plan I, II and III?  If so, the Ballard folks better start reading up.

In the meantime we don't feel that this issue will go away anytime soon, especially after the latest front page demotions of IMPD's top three leaders.  Couple this with the possible civil suit to follow, the Brandon Johnson case and  Black Expo shootings unlike Matt Tulley, we're not convinced Ballard's re-election is a cakewalk. 

This incident has been a game-changer for both the 2010 and 2011 races.  In the space of a few weeks the AmenCorner (AMCO) went from religious rebel rousers to part of a growing coalition on anti-establishment opinion leaders.


UP:  AMCO $130, SiMi 60, ETRY $145



  1. Tully said that Ballard's re-election is a shoe in?

    Who in the world is he talking to?

  2. Thanks Jon, correction made.