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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ballard Gushes On Water Deal With Toasts to His Little Democratic Friends

OBSERVATIONS: In what could only be described as a major policy victory, Mayor Greg Ballard (GBAL) not only pushed through the transfer of the water utilities ownership, (with a bit of a slush fund for infrastructure improvements) he was able to bring three Democratic councillors with him, much to the dismay of arch political rivals Gary Welsh (ADIN) and Terry Burns (ITIM).  In what could only rival an eclipse of the sun occurring on the same day as Halley's comet both bloggers rip into Jackie Nytes, Mary Moriarty-Adams, Paul Bateman  and Libertarian Ed Coleman (who also heard a earful from HFFT) for crossing party lines to vote in favor of the ordinance. 

Gary was particularly cutting with his analysis on who voted for what and why. And if we are to be fair, it could explain why these votes are always there for Mayor Ballard.

So will there be a price to pay for voting with the Republican mayor as Terry implies? Not hardly.  We think that this is the normal horse-trading that goes on when you have something that the other guy wants or needs. 

Besides this isn't the first time these two have cut their own deal and these three are in safe districts with high name recognition. We also think its a bit odd how silent Marion County Democrat Chairman Ed Treacy (ETRY) has been on this issue.

Sorry Terry looks like you may be a bit premature on the ole' horse head-in-the-bed routine. Remember folks, sometimes its not about who is talking, its about who isn't...and Eddie ain't talkin'!


UP: JNYE $120,  MAMA $120, GBAL $120, PBAT $110; ADIN $160, ITIM $135, HFFT $120



  1. Spot on with your Ed Treacy observation. Terry is wrong only in that he doesn't really understand the logrolling that happens behind those cloed doors. GO IPSE!!!!!!

  2. I think Treacy, like TOJO, knows that it's best to deal with party conflicts internally.

    Can you explain Coleman's down?

  3. @Indy Student. Outside of HFFT support of his candidacy and with no other visible means of support we had no choice but to dip him a bit. It appears he has little support form either side and as long as Ballard can depend on Democratic crossover he has no leverage.

    As for Ed, we think it has more to do with the Democratic leaders getting a piece of the pie. Cynical yes, but much more likely than not.

  4. I bet Coleman wants a chance a to be reelected, and that means running as a Republican. not a Libertarian, eh.