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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Indy Star and Governor Daniels Engaged In "Stimulating" Conversation On Footwear!

OBSERVATIONS: Obviously Governor Daniels (MDAN) is making a few people nervous with his almost regular Sunday appearances on national networks.  Now it seems he has awaken the sleeping giant of MSM aka Indianapolis Star (INSTAR) - and yes we've decided to place Dennis Ryerson and Co. on he IPSE board.

We believe that this will be the beginning of a very targeted and robust effort against My Man Mitch as he continues to distinguish himself as former business executive who leads one of the few states that have kept their finances in the black without sending IOUs to creditors or mandatory furloughing of State workers.

So what about the letter? Well, we're going to ding him on your stock price, however all things being equal, if this is all they have on him then we think he's still sittin' pretty. 
We give the INSTAR a boost for finding a way to ruffle the Guv's feathers a bit which doesn't happen very often.

As for the whole "flip-flopping" accusation we think that the National Democratic Party really needs to re-think that strategy unless you want to address this, this, this and our favorite this. It appears that for every pair of flipflops others may find in the Governor's closet you'll find four pair in the President's.  Our advice to the DNC? Play the flipflop game at your own risk.

Our advice to the Governor? Watch co-signing letters in the future and smile at the fact that at least you can write your name of flip flops in black ink.



DOWN:  MDAN $170

SAME: AiHi $120


  1. You guys are truly non-partisan. As a die hard Republican who voted for Daniels twice, I think he did make a mistake in signing the letter. Of course he's still My Man Mitch! And you won't see him crying about it or sending his Press personal out to call his detractors drug users.

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