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Monday, August 23, 2010

Is Joe Loftus the Rahm Emanuel of the Ballard Administration?

OBSERVATIONS: Is Joe Loftus Ballard's  Rahm Emanuel?  We asked this question after noticing Paul Ogden (OGPL) has raised another potential issue with the Ballard administration, this time with special counsel to the mayor Joe Loftus.  Now according to a few of the emails we've received over the last few months, Joe and Bob Grand are the real power behind the throne. 

The origins of Loftus' ascent to the man-behind-the-thrown started with the "Transition Contract" which in effect turned over all operations of the Mayor's office including hiring, firing and contract negotiations to these two. One of our members has seen a copy and for better or worse it all but makes mayor Ballard a figurehead in his own administration. It was also shared that he has little regard for the opinions of the mayor and sees himself as the true brains behind the administration, not unlike the President's right-hand man.

It appears that Joe Loftus has a habit of making threats to get his way. According to a couple of sitting councillors, he likes to use the "I will  f%#k you up and you will never see it coming" method to get duly elected or appointed officials to see things his way.  Yep, we can see the resemblance.

One of our readers shared with us that in one case Joe bragged that he had significant influence over Democrat Rep. Greg Porter at the Statehouse because he represented Rep. Porter's employer Marion County Heath and Hospital Corp. He went on to share that "while Greg may make a lot of noise right now, a phone call from me will bring him back in line."

We see two potential problems with such a strategy. First it is short-sighted in that it slowly builds contempt and hostility even if in fact the aggressor can back up his threats. Eventually enough critical mass is created that the aggressor will soon discover that not only does his threats no longer have an impact they actually fuel individuals who would otherwise be allies.

Secondly, it has absolutely no impact on people whose livelihood do not depend on acquiescing to his demands.  We think that Joe Loftus and his cohort Bob Grand are only effective if their names, faces and tactics are kept behind the scenes.  Just like Rahm, when their names, faces and tactics are exposed to the general public, their power diminishes dramatically and eventually become more of a liability than an asset to their boss.. Bob Grand's removal from the CIB board is a prime example. 

The power of the  Loftus'/Emanuels of the world are in fact nothing more than an illusion.  The true nature of these men is that of a post-menopausal, receding hairline bully with a law degree. And that's when the ridicule begins and the eventual exit stage right.  So is Joe Loftus the Rahm Emanuel of the Ballard administration? We will let you readers decide, however we're pretty sure that Ballard is no Obama.


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  1. I think you mean Bob Grand, not Bob Loftus.

  2. OMG! This blog is brilliant! Another home run column!

  3. Perhaps, both of these proven masters of subterfuge, Mayor Ballard and President Obama, just want top governmental lawyer, Joe Loftus, and top Zionist politician, Rahm Israel Emanuel, to think, and/or appear to others, that they are 'running' their respective administrations. Tis said that we are living in very interesting times.

  4. MaryCatherine, Do I detect your usage of the word Zionist as having a pejorative meaning. Check your dictionary. A Zionist is someone who believes in the establishment and support of Israel. Just what message did you intend for that word to use. What did you not note the religious affiliations of anyone else you wrote about in your post?

  5. Anonymous 5:56....why don't you post under your real name? Maybe you'll get somewhere with your challenge if you had enough courage to make it uncloaked. Something tells me you are short on courage.

    Zionists support the state of Israel no matter the violence done by Israel. It has nothing to do with religion. A lot of creepy old rich white haired men of European descent are Zionists. And a lot of good God-loving and humanity loving Jews, are not Zionists.

  6. Thanks to HFFT. When the FBI vetted Emanuel, while in the Clinton administration, it is reported they warned Bill that he was Mossad, and President Obama's primary Israel-American campaign contributor, Haim Saban, is on record as stating that Rahm is a left attribute of Israel.

  7. This posting is 100% accurate. Thank you for exposing this. Loftus is Grand's hatchet man and Vaughn's mentor. There is really nothing to do except wait out this pathetic administration. heck, even the chief of Staff to Ballard appears to be a B&T/Loftus protoge. Ballard's lack of control over his adminstration shows he is incapable of leadership needed to run a large american city.

  8. Excellent anaylsis IPSE! And I totally agree that the more voters know the names and faces of Ballard's enforcers the less effective they become. And yes they are HIS enforcers, because he signed the contract. And I would say the same for any company or agency that has these two as legal representatives. Target the people who hire these two thugs and you get the thugs.