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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jose Evans Goes To Church, Melina Kennedy Goes to the Air, Joanne Sanders Goes to Jail!

It was a busy weekend for our local Democrats as they try to dispel the moniker we gave their political mutual funds.  First up is mayoral-candidate- Jose Evans (JEVNS) who conducted a town hall meeting this weekend at Second Baptist Church on the west side of Indy. While a good first step for the councillor it did lack the "solutions" aspect that most community residents are accustomed to seeing in the past.  

What we found noticeable was the lack of the Ballard administration's participation at the event. Another sign of political ineptness. News Flash Mayor: You never ever let the opponent debate an empty seat with your name on it. It only reinforces the perception you don't care.  As we stated its a good first step for the rookie councilor but he needs to bring some more solutions to the table if he want to move in his corner.

Next up is Melina Kennedy (MKEN) who has hit the airwaves with a little piece called "working together".  While its not a bad, it isn't memorable nor inspiring and we were left wondering "what was the purpose?"  But since the weather is nice we'll give her a little bump for effort. No more freebies Melina let's get it in gear Miss Mel!

Finally there's our favorite Union supporter Joanne Sanders (JSAN) who in a show of solidarity against a secret ballot to unionize hotel workers (go figure) was arrested outside of the Hyatt hotel.  We would like to give Joanne something for her efforts however we're just not impressed with her performance .

Listen up Councillor Sanders if this was about discrimination, abuse of power or similar we would gladly raise your stock, however in this economic environment even the workers understand that they're lucky to have a job. Let's us be blunt here - housekeeping and janitorial service are not, we repeat are not skilled positions.  Wanna' raise? Learn a skill. 

In reality we saw this as an obvious dress rehearsal  for a full blown show in 2011 for the Super Bowl organizers. We expect to see plenty more of  the same next year. 


UP:   JEVNS $130,  MKEN $140, SiMi $60

DOWN:  GBAL $110

SAME:  JSAN $120

1 comment:

  1. If the hotel workers really wanted to screw with the Hyatt, they would focus all of their resources on telling the public that they are expected to clean twice as many rooms for the same day's pay. They could effectively bring a PR hailstorm down upon the Hyatt if it was widely known that the Hyatt's rooms are not well cleaned between guests. After learning about the hotel's cleaning standards, when I think of the Hyatt, I think "cooties".