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Friday, September 24, 2010

Dr. Ogden Makes Diagnosis On the Ballard Adminstration. IPSE Asks - What's the Cure?

OBSERVATIONS:   We have very little to add to Paul Ogden's (OGPL) post calling out the button men in the Ballard administration.  Paul has succeeded in finding the their Achilles heal, an aversion to public disclosure of their activities and worse attaching a face to them.  It's pretty obvious that Joe Loftus (JLOF) , Bob Grand (BGRN) and Tom John (TOJO) are in firm control of the levers of government, that just happens to be fueled with your taxpayers dollars.  So if you're an insider life is good. Very good. If you're an outsider you probably wondering if there's any hope.

Fortunately bloggers like Paul Ogden  and others, in the absence of an effective independent news outlet, are making it a little more difficult for these guys to get away with their strong arm tactics.  I guess for now the only safe investment for the taxpayer is to buy stock in in Barnes and Thornburg and Ice Miller.

We've got some inside info on the latest budget woes of this administration and we'll post it later today. In the meantime our question to Dr. Ogden - Is the cancer benign or malignant?


UP:  MKEN $170, OGPL $240

DOWN:  GBAL $40, JLOF $70, NQAI $10, BGRAN  $60, TOJO $10


  1. My question is if it's even worth saving!

  2. When they get their asses handed to them in 39 days then maybe things will change. If not then, when the Mayor is soundly humilated, it will happen. Then Tom John will be exposed for the devil incarnate that he truely is.

  3. I do not believe the citizenry of Marion County voted for B and T to Run City Hall... If Mayor Marine cannot run City Hall he should be removed. It appears so corrupt and contempt that a LAW FIRM is transacting CAPITAL TRANSACTIONS?... They are lawyers not Finance Experts but then again none of that seems to matter based on everything I am reading... Until the City retains an Independent Investment Banker (does not earn a fee for a transaction) but rather an hourly fee for GOOD, SOLID REPUTABLE counseling on Public Asset Finance and Capital Transactions as well as a Independent National CPA to concur on a Proposed Capital Finance Transaction this administration is well on a path where corruption appears at its doorstep if not within it. There are real independence issues here. Lawyers Lawyer, Accountants account and consult and Investment Bankers assist in making solid financial decisions. When all 3 work in the Citizens best interest good governance occurrs in a balanced fashion.

    City Hall is gravely lacking.

    With all the RICO going on in East Chicago, near Cleveland,OH and Bell, CA should the people surrounding and counseling the Mayor stick to good legal counsel (I know they ar egood lawyers) and not be offering Capital Finance expertise in a vaccuum?

  4. At $240 a share, I'd like to sell short the Ogden stock.

  5. There is nothing that neocon Republican Mayor Marine Ballard has done, against the interests of the majority of the people of Indianapolis, that surprises me. The truth is, the supporters of Ballard were hoodwinked by him, and would rather think that he is a puppet of Loftus, Grand, and John. All four of them and their chosen, are getting mighty rich at the expense of the rest of us. If he is reelected, I will be dumbfounded.

    Thanks for this disrepectful photo of them, ipse, lol. I voted, "agree".


  6. As long as Ballard likes to be politically Cuckhold, hires 3rd rate staff and lets JoeBobTom run the show he will be considered the epitome of the "Accidental Mayor". Jen Wagner coined the perfect alias for this guy.