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Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President,

MONGREL PEOPLE?!!! MONGREL PEOPLE!!!!  What the hell were you thinking? 

Mr. President, you are the most powerful man on earth, leader of the free world, and role model to millions of minority kids in America....And the best you could come up with is a lame joke that would be on the cutting room floor of any third rate stand up comedy routine.  Mongrel People. And then you have the nerve to blame the media. How freaking and utterly pathetic.

Mr. Obama what's even more disturbing was the relative ease and comfort with which you uttered these words to describe one of the most historically significant minority in the United States. It seemed a bit too natural, too easy, almost like you've repeated this before in private circles of friends who have nothing but contempt for those whose bloodline and credit card limit reek of working class. 

Mr. President, we also wonder if you also use a canine reference when you're talking about women as well?  You remind us of the awkward middle class first generation African-American college graduate who tries to fit in with elite whites by diminishing his own race - which by any standards shows an immense character flaw that no amount of professional accomplishment will hide - not even a Presidency.

Now just in case you didn't take any history classes at Harvard or missed the 1970's Roots mini-series, we're going to break down this whole "mongrel people" thing for you.  Mr. President, not all African-American with skin-tone lighter than Wesley Snipes were born as a result of love and marriage like you were. 

Many of them -us,  can trace our heritage back to a time when our great-great-great grandmother was raped by her master as her husband our great-great-great grandfather looked on with shame.  That's how some of us became the "mongrels" you speak so casually about.  The other reality is that Africa is a continent not a nation so to assume that we would all look alike is quite frankly woefully ignorant - or as ignorant as someone with an Ivy league education can be.

But let's get back to you.

Mr. President are you a man so uncomfortable with heritage who fights a never ending internal war of hating the bloodline of a white mother and the loss of affections from a black father? 

No one, not even the First Black President should refer to any group of people as mongrels.  And here's a newsflash for you Mr. President - you're almost 50 years old - Deal with your childhood woes like most adults, get a therapist or  move on. Those without jobs don't give a damn about your internal immature angst.

And just so you don't try to turn this into one of your famous "teachable moments", this isn't the first time your mouth wrote a check your ass couldn't cash.  There's this one, and this, this and last but not least this one. We are starting to realize that just like irrefutable physics formula E=MC2 realize that you oratory skill is directly proportional to your proximity to the teleprompter. We think after your less than stellar performances in the past, you wouldn't try any more uni-lateral speeches.
Our advice to you President Obama is to pull up your political pants, stop slouching in the Oval Office and act like a President not some privileged minority frat boy uncomfortable with his color and invest in a Thesaurus.

And just for the record my mother, thank God, was one of those "typical white women" because she taught me how to love myself and my family lineage especially my African-American father.

Thank you and God Bless America.


  1. IPSE, Nobody said it better than you guys! I'm forwarding this link to my FB friends. And I'm a Democrat!

  2. wow, is all I can say. None of the local blogs have touch this topic at all. Its like everyone is trying to pretend it didn't happen. Thank Ipse for a well-written opinion.

  3. Good post IPSE, keep it up!!

  4. Nailed it IPSE! A very thoughtful and passionate post. The best I've seen yet. Keep it up you guys. It's like the guy is clueless without his teleprompter.

  5. I liked the first picture you guys had up much better.

  6. I treasure every word you wrote in this piece, ipse, and you brought me to tears. I hope that Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro, or whatever name he prefers, goes into therapy. I know great clinical psychologists who could help him heal, not only for his benefit, but for the world's.

  7. If Air Supply wrote a song about this, it would be called "Making a Story Out of Nothing At All."

    Come on. I'm going to have take you guys down to $0 on your stock value for this sensational attempt.

  8. @anon 2:42 and if Whodini was to write a song about this they would title it "You Talk Too Much, You Never Shut Up". He is the POTUS not some B-movie actor and he needs to act like it. His words can incite a war or inspire millions. His performance yesterday only proves that his on verbal life-support without his teleprompter. We stand by our post.

  9. @Indy Student. Some of us thought it was distracting from our message so we replaced it. Don't worry we think we'll have plenty of opportunites to use it again.

  10. Thanks MCB, we took our time on this one because in this racial charged climate his words have made it even worse.

  11. That piece of prose left me breathless.

  12. The President is a weak, weak man and it is starting to show. Your post touched on some interesting observations and I would be very interested to see if anyone has done a psychco-analysis of him.

  13. Use your dictionary. Mongrel does not have a negative simply means mixed parentage.........maybe not the best choice but no big deal.

  14. @ anon 533. . We did and we suggest you do them same. Using the word mongrel in reference to an individual ro group of people is a derogatory term in any language. Stop being an Obama apologist history has shown that without a teleprompter and speech writer the guys is a verbal train wreck. He words are those of a man having a mental hissyfit with his heritage and while he may want to use this term to decribe himself (which demonstrates a degree of self-loathing) he has no right to refer to a group of people as mongrel. We stand by our post.

  15. Well stated IPSE! I'm from Florida and we're tying to start a similar blog. Can you provide us with some advice via email?