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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pacers Blink But Ann Lathrop Winks As Negotiations Continue

OBSERVATIONS:  Can you remember your first sexual experience? (ok, calm down we are going somewhere with this-promise)

That's where we are now with the whole Pacers/City negotiations.  What we're seeing is that "magical" third date with your  latest love interest. This is the "back seat negotiations" of our more formative years.

Now keep in mind that ever since the new Lucas Fieldhouse opened with fanfare and the City of Indianapolis went "all the way" Colts' owner Jim Irsay the Simons have wanted to renegotiate an even sweeter deal.  The first deal was the heavy petting of the partnership. Now as the heat of expectations rise, both want more, so while the city's mouth is saying no, the eyes are really saying yes.   

Of course for the sake of the game we will assume the negotiations really mean what the Indianapolis Star is trying to tell us is that the City is really a "good girl" who doesn't just "give it away" to anyone who asks.

For Bob Grand (BGRN) and Joe Loftus (JLOF) this will turn into brief decline in the their stock, however we know this is just part of the game (and more billable hours to the firm), we will raise Mayor Ballard (GBAL) and Ann Lathrop's (ALTH) stocks for at least providing the appearence of token resistance.  And for you readers we suggest that you folks make a run to the drug store for a little protection.


UP:  GBAL $100, ALTH $100

DOWN:  JLOF $90, BGRN $100


  1. ROFLMAO!!!!! You guys are hilarious!!!

  2. Hector, I agree. Very well put, even though I disagree.

    Has anyone done the math to see what GBAL's stock is right now?

  3. Ipse, I don't understand your logic. How can there be no loser (down stock) in this latest posting.

  4. sorry wrong posting....

  5. @Indy, Just curious -what part do you disagree with?

  6. I love the subtlty of the graphic! Priceless!!

  7. hector,

    It's a note in the middle. Lathro's actions now can't really be construed as good or bad until we know what the end result is. I'd leave all results as neutral if I was writing this post.

  8. @Indy Student,

    Beg to differ my friend. We happen to know from a several reliable sources thaat Anne was brought into the mix early on as a transition team member by Joe Loftus and Bob Grand. She replaced Bob on the CIB just for to provide an illusion of change however she will do what Bob tells her to do. Bob is not going to upset one of B&T's largest clients. We stand by our post.