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Friday, May 28, 2010

IPSE Make Up Or Break Up? #3: Abdul Hakim Shabazz and Gary Welsh.

OBSERVATION: The third installment to Make Up or Break Up (MUBU) will ask the burning question we all think about after hearing about political dust ups made public this time by between our various bloggers "Will they ever get back together?".   In this case it involves current blogger of Indiana Barrister and radio host Abdul Hakim Shabazz and local attoney/blogger Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana.  Now this should be interesting.

All you need to do is cast your vote using the agree/disagree buttons at the bottom of each posts if you believe there will be any reconciliation between the selected individuals. If you think our blogging couple will start over press "agree". If you think that things are forever broken then press "disagree". Remember the power is in your hands. Now its time for all of us to see if these two will ever kiss and make up.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

IPSE Make Up or Break Up #2?: Ed Treacy and Greg Bowes

OBSERVATION: The second installment to Make Up or Break Up (MUBU) will ask the burning question we all think about after hearing about political dust ups made public between our various public officials "Will they ever get back together?".  In this case it involves current Marion County Democratic Chairman Ed Treacy and would-be Democratic candidate for prosecutor Greg Bowes.  We were told that there's more than meets the eye with this little lover's spat so we decided to give you guys a chance to weigh in.

All you need to do is cast your vote using the agree/disagree buttons at the bottom of each posts if you believe there will be any reconciliation between the selected individuals.  If you think our political couple will start over press "agree". If you think that things are forever broken then press "disagree". Remember the power is in your hands. Now its time for you to be the Cupid in someone's political life!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

IPSE Welcomes Public Safety Director Frank Straub: A Man Of Few Words And Even Fewer Ideas

OBERVATIONS:  We've been waiting with quivering anticipation for some hint of what were the big plans coming out of the 2nd floor east.  Well it didn't take long. Apparently Director Frank Straub has decided to focus all his resources on ----drum roll please------ "making sure he knows the names, department, location of everyone in his public safety.  Yep a few weeks ago he sent out an edict requiring every public safety employee to make sure their email signature contains name, rank, department, phone numbers, fax numbers and cell numbers. 

We're not sure how this promotes safer streets but of course we're not highly trained in the field of criminal justice or a veteran from the deadly battlefields of New York.  Suffice to say we think that if as much energy was spent on identifying the criminals on the streets as opposed to public employees just maybe crime would could be reduced in Indianapolis. Just a thought. We understand that Director Straub is new to our fair city however we can't quite figure out how this activity promotes safer streets.

At least Deputy Mayor Olgen Williams's "Peace In The Streets" provided a simple but well recognized visual. All we see as a result of this policy is the adminstration's version of the TPS report.



DOWN:  FSTRA  $90, GBAL $85

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mayor Greg Ballard's Job Creation Program Works! Just Ask His Son Greg Ballard Jr.!

OBSERVATIONS:  We couldn't help but shake our collective heads as we put together this post.  As reported here, here and here (ok we're just kidding on the last one).  Mayor Ballard we have one simple question for you:

Who told you this was a good idea?

Please tell us it was Winnie or that you thought of this while rummaging through Greg Jr.'s baby photos.  If by chance it was an advisor or staffer, fire them and the person that hired them immediately. Then throw their desk and computer into a dumpster at least five blocks away and fumigate the area just to make sure stupidity like this doesn't spread to the rest of the 25th floor.

Some of you may think we sound a bit harsh, well we disagree. This Mayor ran as an outsider who railed against the 'good ole' boys' and the stench of "insider elites" accusing them of making the taxpayers' monies their own. 

Mayor Ballard it is one thing to steer lucrative contracts to your political allies, there hasn't been one mayor that didn't have his favorites. Most politcos understand that part of the game and only squeal when they don't get a little piece of the action.  What you did Mayor was incredibly sloppy and smacked of amatuerish nepotism of the worst kind. 

So what you would like the taxpayers to believe is that your able-bodied son with a college degree cannot find a decent job without the assistance of his daddy the mayor? Is that what we're hearing?  Now we won't blame Hiron and Company for what is probably a good investment. Create a spot for an entry level college kid in exchange for a $10,000 per month marketing contract.  Our only question is will he still be around after the 2011 elections or will there be a "downsizing" of the marketing staff? Not suggesting, just asking.

Unfortunately Mayor, this type of behavior only reinforces the cynicism that already infects the hearts and minds of the voting public, that elected officials take care of their own at the expense of the taxpayer.  The saddest part of this whole boondoggle is that your son will now become a legitimate target in next year's municipal elections as an example of shameful influence peddling at its worst.


UP:  ITIM $90, IPOPA $145


Monday, May 24, 2010

IPSE Make Up or Break Up? #1: Carl Brizzi And Tom John

OBSERVATION:  Just to shake things up a bit we are introducing a new series for your reading pleasure. Make Up or Break Up.  Make Up or Break Up  (MUBU) will ask the burning question we all think about after hearing about political dust ups made public between our various public officials "Will they ever get back together?".  Now you too can have the power and influence of Dr. Phil. All you need to do is cast your vote using the agree/disagree buttons at the bottom of each posts if you believe there will be any reconciliation between the selected individuals.

If you think our political couple will start over press "agree". If you think that things are forever broken then press "disagree".  Remember the power is in your hands. Now its time for you to be the Cupid in someone's political life!

Are Councillors Jackie Nytes and Mary Moriarty-Adams In Hot Water For Siding With Ballard Adminstration?

OBSERVATION:  Apparently questions are being raised over at Indianapolis Times (ITIM) concerning the votes cast by councillors Moriarty-Adams and Nytes in support of the Ballard Adminstration's decision to sell the water company. While this is more of a family matter for the Democrats here in Marion County it does peak our interests.  We are wondering if this is merely a token show of distain for two seasoned veterans or something more serious.  We guess time will tell.  For Indy Times we give a boost for the rare occasion that a partisan blog (and there's nothing wrong with that) calling out their own, and to the two councillors who broke rank when the final tally suggested that their votes were not needed. 


UP:  ITIM $85, JNYE $110, MAMA $110


Friday, May 21, 2010

IPSE To Evan: Don't Give Up Your Day Job! IPSE To Stonewall Democrats: Live Up to Your Name Or Change It!

OBSERVATION: Several bloggers have made mentioned Senator Bayh's :30 second standup routine at the and so we thought it worthy of a post. We review the  discussed the joke at length and concluded that at best mimics his policy postions in office - unoriginal, bland and totally forgettable by the time the Stonewallers worked their way out the auditorium. We respectfully disagree with IPOPA's analogy comparing the AIDS virus to lynching - One is a disease, the other a violent act against a specific individual.  We do think Indy Democrat probably comes closest to a clear-headed conclusion.

What strikes us as ironic is how ultra-sensitive it appears the Stonewall Democrats are when something insults their fragile sensitivies as this same group of individuals have no problem hurling the words "homophobe, bigot and hateful" to anyone who happens to disagree with their stance.  And for the record one of us just happens to be gay so don't even go there.

Our advice to the Stonewallers is that they need to understand that when one integrates thier race, gender or sexual orientation within a platform one invites dissention. When one places that political platform in the public square they invite dissention.   And when one can't take public criticism unintentional, serious or otherwise one invites a snarky post like this. 

Over the years the gay rights movement has worked valiently to move the AIDS issue into the mainstream.  They have succeeded, or at least we thought so until now. We would suggest that the Stonewallers are better served working out their internal differences which require much more effort than it does to walk out in a hissyfit on a sitting U.S. Senator.  In our opinion Evan's only insult that night was to the struggling comedians everywhere who are just trying to make a living.


UP:  IDEM  $140



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

IPSE To Brizzi: Do You Know How Hard it Is To Tip A Golf Cart?

OBSERVATION: You know we've tried to ignore Carl but his legacy (if that's what you want to call it) reminds us of a one of the hapless criminal stories Carl would lampoon on his weekend radio show. 

In case you missed it reports strongly suggests that Carl Brizzi appears to have operated an motorized vehicle will intoxicated causing injury - to a police officer.  Readers familiar with our blog know we have all but given up on this slow moving train wreck of a politican. We do realize that his actions have results and as long as he is in office someone must pay the political price. Our advice to Carl?  We can't imagine any law firm hiring you for any length of time so we suggest that you cut a deal with the Governor to teach at a college or university.  If this guy can do it, so can you. 

Finally we wondering if Mr. Brizzi was wearing a helmet at the time? If not, this could explain a heck of a lot.


UP:  TCUR $120


Friday, May 14, 2010

ISPE Is Now Open For Business! Trading Floor Opens At 10am!

Okay fans this is the day we've all been waiting for, the first day of trading.  Trading will begin at 9am and continue for the next 12 hours.  Posting with a time/date stamp before 9am will be deleted. We've posted this a few minutes prior so that if there's anyone who wants to participate they can do so however, they MUST be a follower in order to post a legitimate transaction.  For additional information  and sample postings please see the instruction pages at the top of the blog including INAUGURAL TRADING DAY PAGE listed above this post. For this day only we will not offer observations/analysis as followers/traders are not be able to offload declining stock. Here is a quick list of the rules:

1)  Each follower starts with $100,000 in their account.  You MUST be a follower in order to participate. Violators will have their postings deleted.

2) INAUGURAL Day is different in that it a BUY ONLY day. No selling.

3) Buys are registered in the comment section only. Transactions posted elsewhere will not be counted.

4) Conversely any posting other than actual transaction (again for today BUY only) will also be deleted.

5) Traders are required to keep an accurate count of their trades and cash balances.

6) For more information please see the INAUGURAL page listed above.

Gordon Gekko: The most valuable commodity I know of is information.  (Wallstreet 1987)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

IPSE to Terry Burns: Damn Dude! What The Hell Are You Thinking?

OBSERVATION:   Sometimes you have to wonder what candidates are thinking when the make  asinine public announcements. In this case blogger/candidate for Lawrence Township Constable Terry Burns as part of one of his posting has actually stooped so low as to openly solicit gossip for his blog.

You would that after this little flub, Terry would be a little more mindful of his behavior considering his exuberant stone throwing at his Republican opponents.  Here's portion of the post we are referencing:

A request to Indianapolis Times readers: I know that many of you hear plenty of interesting things about Marion County politics, so I'm asking you to share them with me (anonymously if you prefer). Are you hearing about something interesting going on in a campaign? Did you spot an politico dining out or huddled in a not-so-private meeting? Are you hearing some good gossip about an elected official or political operative? If so, send me an e-mail at either or You also can give me a call at 317-437-7867. I keep my all of my sources confidential.
At some point Terry needs to decide what role he wants to play in local politics - that of blogger or serious candidate.  In this case he's failed at both.  And of course once you start this type of campaign you better damn well be squeakly clean yourself.




Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An Open Letter to Mayor Greg Ballard...Try Being A Mayor For A While.

OBSERVATIONS:  We've been observing the Grand-Loftus,  Ballard (GBAL) Adminstration as his braintrusts Bob "Big G" Grand and Joe E. "Joey" Loftus ( BGRN, JLOF) work their political magic on stage and behind the scenes and like'em or hate them, you have to admire their ability to take a political lump of clay and turned him into a monument of...well we're not quite sure but a monument nevertheless

Open letter to Mayor Greg Ballard

Dear Mayor,

How are you? Good I hope. Just wanted to remind you that part of being mayor is, well being mayor.  There are a lot more issues out here that don't require a plane trip to Brazil, India or Far East,. Perhpas if you are really so into international jetsetting thing, then maybe you should just resign and tryout for the Amazing Race, and let some one else handle the mundane tasks of  what to do about the closing of several branch libraries, a stolen video game that leads to a triple murder, or the possiblity of supporting a billionaire's business venture.

Yeah, I know Bob and Joe didn't tell you that aside from the nice leatherbound chair, driver and great view that the job really does require some actual leadership on your part.  Didn't you write a book on it?

Now don't get us wrong we understand that many voters like the slightly unpolished affable type of mayor who delegates the heavy items, kisses the babies and cuts the ribbons. But lets be honest here, Mayor you aren't any of those. You don't have Hudnut's charisma, Goldsmith's brains or Peterson's communication skills.  All you have is your miliary work ethic and quite frankly most of us haven't seen much of that unless you're parachuting into these potential sister cities. 

With drastic effects of the tax caps on the horizon that threaten to shrink revenue, a sluggish economy and crime on the rise at some point you will need to realize it is your ass not Bob Grand's or Joe Loftus', that is on the line.   They are partners in a law firm and willl get theirs regardless of who is sitting in the mayor's office.  You can either define your term in office or have others define it for you.

We feel that in the interest of the residence of Indianapolis we need to adjust your stock downward until we see your hindquarters move upward. So you might want to put your visa away for the next few months, roll up your sleeves and be mayor. 

In 2007 you won convincingly. Now we would like to see you lead convincingly because if you can't there are a few others who would like to give it a shot. Make no mistake about it. 


UP:  BWMS $125; MKEN $115; JEVN $110

DOWN: GBAL $110,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Did Andre Carson Hear What He Thought He Heard?

OBSERVATION:  Sometimes it best to leave well enough alone, especially if you can't can't keep it simple or the facts aren't on your side. In this case its about the alleged (to this date there is still no video or audio proof) that during their walk through a crowd of teaparty protesters on the Hill at which time the n-word was not yelled once or even twice but fifteen times -with no audio or video recording.  Several accounts (here, here and here) have continued to report on the Congressman Carson's assessment of Tea Party protesters.

Now far be it for any of us to call Congressman Carson a liar (after all we represent both parties in our little group) however we are finding it a bit of a stretch that all three congressmen heard what could only be classified as a chant  and arrived at the magical number of "fifteen" times as opposed to claiming say "numerous" times.

Secondly, in the modern world  of camera phones, pocket video cams and youtube there isn't one, not one single piece of recorded evidence to support their claim. Again, we're not saying that someone's lying however the truth appears to be stretched like a pair of spandex on sumo wrestler's ass.




Monday, May 10, 2010

IPSE Welcomes Marvin Scott to The Trading Board Even As Some Are Asking How?

OBSERVATION:  Over the next few days we will provide recaps of a few of the primary races from last week along with a few stock reports. First up is the CD7 race on the Republican side:

In what seemed to be surprise by some (Republicans) and relief of others (Democratic voters) Carlos Mays came up a little short in his bid to challenge Congressman Andre Carson in the fall as perennial candidate Marvin Scott (MSCOT) captured the Republican nomination in a three way race. 

We're not privvy to what the party did or didn't do  however we did find it ironic that Republcian slated candidate for sheriff Dennis Fishburn (DFISH) prevailed against his well funded challenger yet Carlos the rising star for local Republican was beat rather handedly by a guy without the party apparatus and using his own money for yard signs.  Some are wondering how this could have happened particularly with the wide range of outcomes.  It just seems odd that even with name recognition Scott could pulloff an upset of this proportion. And if so for what will be the gain for him in the fall, money, volunteers or just a wink and nod?

In the meantime we wish Carlos May well and hope to see him again soon. In the meantime we welcome Marvin Scott to the trading board.

P.S. Marvin, we think you need provide an updated photo if you're serious about challenging Congressman Carson in the fall. Pretty is as pretty does...


UP:  MSCOT $110

Friday, May 7, 2010

BRIZZI Defined!

OBSERVATION: Yesterday we poured through about 200 or so emails of readers on what Brizzi meant to them and we decided to post the one we thought was the best so here it is:

BRIZZI:  bre zee (v.): A fiasco in which a person causes total destruction of own work, reputation and the reputation of others due to their own stupidity, carelessness or both.

We're Back!!!!!

Sorry for the interruption of service readers. Between a temporary 3 week job relocation (NY/NJ shudder), get away vacation and special work assignments our team was unavailable to post.  We have finally worked out a system to keep the drought of poltical snarkiness from happening again.

Now where do we begin?