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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

IPSE Welcomes Public Safety Director Frank Straub: A Man Of Few Words And Even Fewer Ideas

OBERVATIONS:  We've been waiting with quivering anticipation for some hint of what were the big plans coming out of the 2nd floor east.  Well it didn't take long. Apparently Director Frank Straub has decided to focus all his resources on ----drum roll please------ "making sure he knows the names, department, location of everyone in his public safety.  Yep a few weeks ago he sent out an edict requiring every public safety employee to make sure their email signature contains name, rank, department, phone numbers, fax numbers and cell numbers. 

We're not sure how this promotes safer streets but of course we're not highly trained in the field of criminal justice or a veteran from the deadly battlefields of New York.  Suffice to say we think that if as much energy was spent on identifying the criminals on the streets as opposed to public employees just maybe crime would could be reduced in Indianapolis. Just a thought. We understand that Director Straub is new to our fair city however we can't quite figure out how this activity promotes safer streets.

At least Deputy Mayor Olgen Williams's "Peace In The Streets" provided a simple but well recognized visual. All we see as a result of this policy is the adminstration's version of the TPS report.



DOWN:  FSTRA  $90, GBAL $85


  1. another stellar pick from the Marine!

  2. Love the TPS report reference! Classic!

  3. I can see why the former Re-entry staffer Rhianna Williams left the City. Working for this moron had to be painful.

  4. LOL. I'm friends with the guys that own yellow cab. Peace in the Streets is not the brain child of Olgen Williams and the mayor's office was completely dysfunctional in getting it implemented

  5. The guy creates a hostile working conditions and now he wants to micro-manage the IT department? Ballard sure knows how to assemble a team...of misfits. Who is doing the vetting for his adminstration?

  6. Rhianna Williams was a good solid employee, not sure what happened but it is definitely the City's loss.