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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Is the Majestic Ballard Building Schedule for Implosion?

OBSERVATIONS:  Not since the demolition of the Market Square Arena have Indianapolis residents been able to see the step-by-step preparation for a public demolition of a well recognized structure, in this case the massive but hardly functional  Ballard Building. It's most recognized guest Mayor Greg Ballard resides quite comfortably apparently totally oblivious to his surroundings as he gazes out his 25th floor penthouse suite. Even on a cloudy day he can see the dilapidated and heavily-subsidized public housing units for struggling law firms managed by the local Republican party. 

We will start with a visit to Indianapolis Times (ITIM) which has great post as local Democrats (SilentMinorites) have finally found their voice.  True to form, Ryan Vaughn continues to demonstrate he is in way over his head when it comes to politics.  Ryan's dismissal of Democrat requests to establish a bi-partisan committee to investigate the bizarre actions of Director Straub is nothing short of hypocritical considering it has only been days since Republican council members decided to re-write IMPD's hiring and promotional policies.  We think that this move is going to be one of several explosive charges that will be used to topple the House that Ballard built.

And of course when faced when the meeting with the AmenCorner fails to gain traction Ballard trots out Toastmaster-in-training Olgen Williams, arguably the only one we believe is worse at public speaking than the mayor himself.  Our question to Olgen Williams is Whatever happened to the ole' "grassroots and self-destiny mantra" you were known to tout before you got a corner office on the 25th floor? 

Oh well, you can only play with the team the owner assembles.

As we mentioned in our earlier post, the continued presence of Dr. Frank Straub on the payroll will continue to become an embarrassment for the mayor as the truth slowly oozes out.  We also want to give Democratic mayoral hopeful Melina Kennedy a big boost for her succinct comments...

"A leader has to take command and be in charge. You have to be involved and engaged in what's happening, and you have to be aware of the facts."

Ouch. Unfortunately Mayor Ballard has yet to show the ability to take command or to be even slightly aware of the facts, unless of course they are presented by Joe Loftus, Bob Grand or Tom John.

I guess managing the delivery of port-o-lets and toilet-paper for a couple hundred thousand American soldiers in Iraq is a lot easier than maintaining a semblance of law and order in Indianapolis with a couple of thousand cops. Go figure.

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  1. How much longer until Ballard and Straub become junk stock like Brizzi?

  2. Another great post IPSE!!! Who is advising this clown? Melina should be able to walk straight into the Mayor's office with this guy running.

  3. Kennedy and ipse should now be considered as a smoooooth tag team, for pinching Ballard. Ouch, ouch.