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Stay Tuned for a Mock Trading Session for all of our new readers!


The is a 12-hour realtime stock simulation that will allow selected traders (only those who follow our blog-(look right) "Follwers" section)  to engage in trading any stock identified on IPSE.  Additional pages will provide details on the who, when, how,  of  trading days.

While we will provide general oversight and arbitrate disputes during a trading period, in keeping with the lassiez-faire philosphy of capitalism we will allow the marketplace to self-regulate as much as possible. Similar to "fantasy league play" the traders will play a major role in identifying rule violators and bringing them to our attention.

 First there are two types of "Trading Days".  The first type is "Inaugural Trading Day". It is the very first time we open the market and is a "BUY ONLY" day. In other words traders will only be allowed to purchase stock on the open market NOT from another trader. 

We are doing this as a way to establish the game and initiate a gradual startup to live trading. This will allow us to identify logistical "bugs" that might present themselves and review intitial stock values.  Stock values at a the begininning of the day are last reported values of a previous post. If a stock has not been reported on in a previous post it is assumed to have a base value of $100.

All trading must occur within the comment section of the post, trading occurring in any other post will not be counted. Trading will end when IPSE posts "MARKET CLOSED" in the comment section. 

Subsequent Trading Days identified as "Trading Day #1", "Trading Day #2", etc.  will allow approved traders to conduct transactions with one another within the comment section of the Trading Day post ONLY.  After each trading day we will review all transactions and posts the critical stats that will include:

Total Volume
Top Valued  Stocks
Largest Gain
Largest Decline  

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