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Monday, July 12, 2010

IPSE Introduces Political Mutual Funds!


HopeandChange (HoCha): Represents all things Democratic/Liberal at the Federal level. Opening price: $70.

NopeandSame (NoSa): Represents all things Republican/Conservative at the Federal level. Opening price $90.


NotMyMan (NoMM): Represents all things Democratic/Liberal at the State level. Opening price $60

AimingHigher (AIHI): Represents all things Republican/Conservative at the State level. Opening price $110


NoQuestionAboutIt (NQAI): Represents all things Republican/Conservative at the Local level. Opening price $80

SilentMinority (SiMi): Represents all things Democratic/Liberal at the local level. Opening Price $50

We're really looking forward to see how this will work tomorrow and in the mean time have fun picking your favorite funds.


  1. Ipse, can you explain your opening pricing? I think the Democratic Party is waaay undervalued, especially at the local level. Please clarify.

  2. Sure anon 750.

    We think that we're pretty accurate on all levels based on national polls and the general mood of the electorate. We will however explain our rationale.

    Federal pricing: Had this been Jan 2009 we would have priced HoCha at $200 (new charismatic President, both chambers of Congress and an mandate to lead. Now with polls indicating a large dissatisfaction for the National Dems along with the likelihood of losing both chambers we think that this will be the hi price for fund.

    Statewide its simple there isn't one person who speaks for the Democrat party with a coherent message. The Republicans at the State level have stayed the course with Governor Daniels at the helm and for the most part national interest in Indiana and the economy has been positive in nature.

    Locally the same. Ballard for the most part has done no harm and while Brizzi and Tom John are a drain on Party value the local Dems have the same problem at the State level..No message, no messenger.

    Thus our analysis...

  3. Great idea!BTW what's the rationale behind the fund names?

  4. @becki,

    well we think at the Federal level we used the national slogan and its logical antithesis for the loyal opposition.

    At the State level it was the Governor's initiative earlier in his adminstration.

    At the local level it was a little more difficult. For the Republicans we took an oft used phrase of hizzoner "No Doubt About It" and for the Democrats we simply describe their current position - a minority with no one person who can command an audience. We can look back 4 years ago a could identify half a dozen Republicans who pushed back on the Peterson Administration.

    Hope that helps.

  5. You forgot to offer up a penny stock DavidVsGoliath to represent the populist movement which is anti-political and puts the people before politics.

  6. @HFFT,

    Interesting. One problem we would have is how do we quantify value and impact. We would need to identify the key individuals within the funds that we could track.

    We acknowledge the impact that this motley crew had in 2007 however we need a little more structure before we could add them on the board. Nevertheless we're open to further discussion.