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Friday, September 3, 2010

IPSE Asks: What Caused the Rise and Fall of Obamamania?

We found this article particularly interesting as it focused almost singularly on the Hoosier state which as we all know is normally red state that went blue for the first time in more than 40 years.

As TIME Magazine is no Heritage Foundation we're asking what do you think happened to change Obamamania to Obamaphobia?  We will publish our analysis of the POTUS later today.


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  1. I was talking to an attendee at IUPUI's Political Palooza, and he told me he'll be volunteering for Ellsworth's campaign later in the month. But he wondered where all the volunteer support Obama had in 2008 went and why that same support isn't available to Ellsworth.

    The fact is, national races attract national attention. I worked on the primary campaign for Clinton in 2008 for a few days, and everyone in the campaign office was asking me about directions, good places to eat, and so on. They didn't know because there weren't many locals volunteering. I pretty much assumed the same went for Obama's 2008 campaign in both the primary and general.

  2. Answer: Maybe, it is because since the election, more, if not most, voters in Indiana and other states, have concluded that BHO is a creation of the CIA and Wall Street that created the CIA to ensure its continual dominance over the American body politic. Or, maybe it is just because they now know Obama is just Bush 2, and have seen THE FALL OF THE REPUBLIC, THE PRESIDENCY OF BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

    We look forward to your analysis, ipse. Maybe also you will soon consider whether or not Jesse Ventura looks like the only person who can take advantage of another year of opportunity for an independent candidate in 2012, just like Perot was in 1992.

  3. I doubt Ventura would want to run for public office again, Mary. He seems to be enjoying his life in Mexico. He gave a great interview on The Alan Colmes Show and said he lives completely off-the-grid. He would have to give that up to even run for POTUS.

  4. I wouldn't write off Obamamania yet. He has taken a hit due to the huge hole left by Bush but by 2012, I believe that the voters will see major improvements and realize that they made a good decision in 2008. Unfortunately, 2010 may be a victim. Maybe 2 years of the crazies and teabaggers in Congress will show the public just how weird and out of touch this group is.

  5. You know about the off-the-cuff startling remarks, on mike, that President Bill Clinton made when he was speaking in Ireland during Sept., 1994:

    "You know by the time you become the leader of a country, someone else makes all the decisions, You may find that you can get away with virtual Presidents, virtual Prime Ministers, virtual everything."

    Maybe, the people now are not just listening to what Obams says, but watching what he does.

  6. oops: William told the Irish that in 1998.