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Monday, May 24, 2010

Are Councillors Jackie Nytes and Mary Moriarty-Adams In Hot Water For Siding With Ballard Adminstration?

OBSERVATION:  Apparently questions are being raised over at Indianapolis Times (ITIM) concerning the votes cast by councillors Moriarty-Adams and Nytes in support of the Ballard Adminstration's decision to sell the water company. While this is more of a family matter for the Democrats here in Marion County it does peak our interests.  We are wondering if this is merely a token show of distain for two seasoned veterans or something more serious.  We guess time will tell.  For Indy Times we give a boost for the rare occasion that a partisan blog (and there's nothing wrong with that) calling out their own, and to the two councillors who broke rank when the final tally suggested that their votes were not needed. 


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  1. ipse,

    hate to spoil your lovefest with these two but the truth needs to be told. Nytes' "husband" has a very lucratice contract with the city (Printing Partners) and knows that giving up a vote here and there is a bargain when asked by Bob Grand and Joe Loftus is worth it. Moriarty-Adams' husband is an IMPD officer. Nuff said. These two work for themselves, not their Party or their constituency.

  2. Moriarty-Adams' husband works for the Sheriff's Depaertment. He retired from IMPD after the last set of allegations against him at the range.

  3. what's wrong with a little logrollling. all i can say is if its good enuff for Republicans its good enough for Democrats.

  4. Jackie is nothing more than a parasite feeding from the taxpayers' arteries. She had some "financial" issues when she was on the library board, neogtiated a 750k tax abatement for Printing Partners its no wonder she likes being elected. She can give herself a raise by simply pressing a button. Jackie please tell us when have you EVER worked in the private sector?

  5. It's serious and not just a little lover's spat. Both will be challenged in next year's election.

  6. Since Mary Moriarty-Adams is connected to the Indiana Prison System and the re-entry programs I was wondering if she is related to a Martha Adams who is connected to the Indiana Prison System…or did they just use a phony name when Martha Adams financed and pulled some strings to get convicted child killer “Hope Rippey” sentenced reduced and released from prison 14 years early.
    All because Hope was “born again” in prison. We have found no information about a Martha Adams related to the Indiana Prison System, only this Moriarty Adams.

    In case you don’t remember, Hope Rippey was involved with the kidnapping, 10hr torture, and the burning alive of 12yr-old Shanda Sharer in 1992. Hope lured Shanda from the safety of her home, stole her cloths and jewelry, sprayed Windex into Shanda’s open wounds when she was tied in the trunk of the car crying for her mommy, and poured the gasoline on her that they burned her alive with.

    Any help with this would be appreciated, or maybe you should look into this and see if there is a connection as I can see why a politician would not wish to use their real name in relation to helping the child killer Rippey released early from prison.