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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ballard's Stock Inches Upwards as MSM Graduates Him To The Big Leagues

OBSERVATIONS: Indianapolis Star reporter Francesca Jarosz pens an interesting article on Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard (GBAL). As we read we had a difficult time determining if this was a pro-Ballard or con-Ballard.  It is true that he rode a wave of discontent that included anti-tax protesters, Peterson-fatigue and the Monroe doctrine.  Now according to many he's apparently part of the machine he raged about 3 years ago. 

We did find it somewhat surprising that Jennifer Hallowell, chief architect of two successful Brizzi campaigns and the catch phrase "Who Izzi?" was quoted considering she is rarely in Indianapolis and must be video teleconferencing her services. Nevertheless we will give the mayor the benefit of the nod on this one.


UP: GBAL $130


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