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Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Stock Offer: May and Fishburn Something New for the Grand Old Party, Layton A Familiar Brand for the DEMS

OBSERVATIONS:  We attended both slating conventions so that we could at least verify posting from others and came to the conclusion that these three (one, two, and three) bloggers were for the most part accurate.  After looking over the field wee would like to introduce two new stocks for your GOP buying pleasure Congressional District 7 candidate Carlos May (CMAY) and Marion County Sheriff Candidate Dennis Fishburn (DFISH). Both by most accounts are outsiders fighting well known and well funded candidates.

We find the Sheriff's race particularly interesting from a "familia" point of view, particularly as a primary candidate. Fishburn's unslated opponent Bart McAtee (BMAC) may run against the slate and could be a formidable opponent. The irony is that both Fishburn and McAtee are a product of their father/son relationship. Bart has his father former sheriff Joe McAtee to thank for his postive/negative name recognition and Dennis of course is the father to the decorated IMPD police officer Jason Fishburn who has successfully battled from death's door to see his father run for the County's top cop. Again this has no bearing on their stock value just an interesting factoid.

John Layton (JLAY) comes well prepared for the race with battle scars from his first tangle with Cottey, which by the way was not very pretty.  With a Democrat leaning county he has the wind at his back however must contend with past stories that might be a distraction.  Of course like Curry (TCUR) hee faces a primary challenger in African-American candidate Mark Brown bypassed the slating process and vowed to fight to the end. Overall this should be an interesting election year.

From a Chairman's point of view, Ed Treacy (ETRY) must find a way to effectively deal with Greg Bowes (GBOW)  who refused to go through slating without alienating the young African-American base that are his main source of support. 

For Tom John (TOJO) he desperately needs a countywide win. And just so we are clear if Mark Massa wins it a result of Mark Massa's and the full financial network of the Governor and not Tom John. We would take a more charitable stance hand Massa been Tom's first choice.  Another sweep of countywide offices would drop Tom stock to junk bond status and renew the call for his resignation.  Overall both Chairmen should receive a boost in their stock as each convention was lively and full of energy.


UP:  ETRY $105, TOJO $25; JLAY $110, DFISH $110; CMAY $110, INBA $105, IPOP $120,  ADIN $105

DOWN:  BMAC $80, MBWN $90

Oh and here's the Indy Star's take on the convnetions this weekend with a somewhat lively discussion on the slating process.


  1. I'll take about 10,000 shares of BMAC please.

  2. Hey Anon, you'll have your chance in a few days once we announce the process. Here's a heads up. You must be a follower -not the syncophant type- the Google type (see upper right across from newest post) to participate on Trading Day.