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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daniels Stock Continues Upwards as POTUS Talk Increases

OBESERVATIONS:  The MMM to POTUS chatter has went viral since the George Will article a few days ago. And the interest of fairness we will always give props to pundits who recognize the strength of a politcial opponent and in this case we give IPOP a nudge upward for his begrudingly acknowledgement of MDAN potential ascension to the national stage. We're not sure if Daniels is just being coy about the issue or really wants a change of address to 1600. Again, time will tell. One note we found in the comment section of IPOP that bears mentioning, you know you are scaring the competition when they start attacking you and your family in a personal way. 


UP: MDAN  $170; IPOP $130


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