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Thursday, February 25, 2010


OBSERVATIONS:  Well lets start with Mr. SOS himself Todd Rokita (TROK).  In one of those great moments in legislative history a unaminous statewide smackdown. Two separate posts here and here. What makes this smack down particularly painful is that the Indiana Senate is overwhelming Republican.  We're wondering who is advising Todd on his political strategery. Surely he didn't think this was going to pass, let's face it - there are Senators up there with underwear older than Todd's political career.  Both bloggers make similar points in their own way as Rokita has been temporarily blinded by his own ambition. Somebody get this guy a seeing eye dog. Quick. 

Next up is Dorothy Henry.  (DHEN) gets an earful from POPL as he makes his case against her selection for the currently vacant at-large seat of former Councilor Kent Smith.  We've recieved several emails on this topic with everyone wanting more analysis on this race. Our position is that there are still too many candidates to track their stock value in a meaningful way. We are however beginning to see a few break away from the pack. Obviously Angel Rivera still has the strong backing of TOJO  and the part insiders while there seems to be a pitched battle between Jackie Cissell (JCIS), Dorothy Henry (DHEN) and Aaron Williams (AWMS). 

We were also told to watch out for sleeper Achiveeno Reeves who was one of the few candidates to challenge a loaded question from Center Township (by- way-of lily-white Hamilton County) David Brooks (DBRK)  Finally, apparently David has issued orders that under no circumstances will there be another African-American on the council. He states that "we need a Hispanic now". 

Oddly enough we haven't heard anything about the other would-be councilmen Bruce Shumacker or Mike Jezierski.  We'll keep our ears and eyes open so we don't miss anything however authentic info has been sketchy at best.


UP:  OGPL $140;

DOWN:  DHEN $85; TROK $70

1 comment:

  1. DHEN is maybe one of the most arrogant people I have ever heard speak. The other night it was as if the position was owed to her. The comment he made about Angel not being black was an out and out racest statement by Brooks and I cannot believe that no one will call him on it.

    Yes Angel will win because like everything else TOJO gets his way. I feel that it is now a three way race.Three PCs that are good friends of mine were pressured to vote for Angel. And pressured to the point that they will have their positions taken away if they dont vote for Angel

    Williams and Reeves. Brooks tried his best to shoot down Williams but the man did great.

    This is so much more important that people understand. If TOJO looses this then he knows his days are numbered. At another township meeting people are talking abotu how TOJO and BROO are killing the party for one reason only. They hate anyone who challanges their power and authority.

    Personaly I would buy AWIL as much as possible. If not for the short term gain , but also for the long run. This guy is going to be a pain in TOJOs butt for years to come.

    I think that AREV is a buy,AWIL is a buy and TOJO will be delisted soon.