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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Paul Ogden + Gary Welsh = Blues for Ballard

OBSERVATION:  In what could only be described as a double team on Mayor Greg Ballard (GBAL), Paul Ogden (OGPL) and Gary Welsh (ADIN) have teamed up once again to give Ballard the Blues.  For Paul its all about the perception of leadership and for Gary its about the money.  Paul's compelling argument has some merit and while Gary gets continues to get a bit spastic on the very mention of this topic he post does raise legitimate concerns. We are wondering if the Ballard's non-response strategy really works. Anyway here's our decision.


UP: OGPL $135; ADIN $115



  1. Gary Welsh is a racist nutcase.

  2. Don't get Gary Welsh started on African American politicians are he goes ballistic.

  3. Gary is a Deliverence extra who left the hills to get a law degree. He's a racist who tries to use his sexual preference as a shield and his law degree as sword. In reality is a dismal little gay fat man who doesn't fit in anywhere.

  4. Gary is a racist coward who can't get elected anywhere in Indy. He hides behind his blog like the wimp he truly is and has no problem attacking others from his blog but whines like a sissy - Yeah Gary SISSY if anyone challenges his rants. No wonder he can't find a steady boyfriend. If his looks don't make you sick the whining will.

  5. Gary would be an ally of Ballard if he would only get a seat at the table. At then end of the day Gary Welsh just wants to be a major player.

  6. What Gary Welsh doesn't realize is his blog is something of a badge of honor among unlikely groups - African-American as well as conservatives.

    The story goes if Gary Welsh lashes out against you on his blog you are either a strong voice in the Black community or strong force in conservative circles.

    Conversely if he is speaks on your behalf, you are either gay or share his views on race. Keep it up Gary, you have a lot of people out here who LOVE your blog and what it represents all that is convoluted in your "(GWM/Republican/WASP/Hate blacks/Misogynist/Love Hispanics because I make money off of them/ world.