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Monday, February 8, 2010

New Stock Offer: As GOP's Mark Massa Enters Prosecutor's Race

OBSERVATIONS: In one of the clunkiest machinations we have ever seen, the world's worst kept political secret has been revealed as Mark Massa (MMAS), legal counsel to Governor Daniels has announced his bid for GOP candidate for Marion County Prosecutor.  If he lasts for 24 hours on the campaign trail will last longer than the first GOP candidate. By all accounts Massa comes in with good creditials and heavy fundraising potential.  The downside is that stockholders that heavily invested in (CBRZ) are still fuming at the breakneck race to the bottom of their investment and are wondering if there management will selloff assets in order to recoup some of their losses (a Brizzi resignation). I guess a 20% off coupon for appetizers at this restaurant hasn't yielded any boost in popularity yet - maybe two-for-one drink specials might do the trick.


UP: MMAS $130, MDAN $160

DOWN:  TCUR  $110

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