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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Making Introductions: Chairman Tom John Meet Kettle!

OBSERVATIONS: Wow. That's all we can say after reading this article concerning Marion County Republican candidate for sheriff Bart McAtee decision to run against the slate.  Can Marion County Chairman Tom John (TOJO) be any more disingenious in his public statements considering his past history?  This is the same guy who in the last election publically mocked and did everything in his power to derail the candidacy of now Mayor Greg Ballard (GBAL) in 2007.  This is the same guy who understands cronyism because he practiced it unsuccessfully last year. 

We find Tom John's sanctimonious BS not only ludicrous in its insinuation but flaccid against McAtee's straightforward challenge to the slated process.  For what its worth like CBRZ,  TOJO stays on the trading board because of the position he currently holds as chairman and not his performance.  Can it get any worse for the local GOP leadership? We're still measuring this aspect and as part of our stock simulation we will start assessing his possible negative influence (halo effect) on other GOP/DEM stock value as a function of his position.


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  1. Every time TOJO opens his mouth BMAC stock goes up. Keep talking TOJO.Your going to make me a rich man.

  2. its hard to take a guy seriously who 1) worked so hard to undermine his Party's candidate for mayor a few years ago AND 2) reports to a big wig Democrat at IceMiller -Lacy Johnson. It makes me think that Tom's job is to keep Republicans from being a political force in Marion County. It makes me wonder if Lacy speaks how high or low does Tom jump.

  3. ipse, i'd like to send you some info and get your opinion on it. whats your email?