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Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Stock Offer: "Angry White Boy" Enters the Market, Chris Douglas Stock Plummets

OBSERVATION: Last night someone sent us the link to this blog suggesting it might make for interesting trading. Well we admit the name alone "Angry White Boy" was enough to make us curious.  Of course the ticker symbol  we selected (AWB), we will not be able to mention one without thinking of the other. In our opinion this post knocks Chris Douglas's (CDUG) stock value down to slightly above junk bond status.

As anyone knows PCs are your party loyalist and significant portion of your base and in this particular election the only ones allowed to vote on March 1st.

What makes this such a damaging disclosure is that not only are these Chris's own words, they all but destroy his standing with PC who are the ones voting. Just before we posted we discussed whether Chris should just declare himself a Democratic party member as as his future in the GOP, Tom John notwithstanding is completely over at this point.

UPDATE: According to AWB Chris has dropped out of the race however we will need another verifiable source before we remove him from the board.


UP: Angry White Boy (AWB) $105

DOWN:  Chris Douglas-(CDUG) $15; Tom John (TOJO) $20 

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