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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Councilman Lincoln Plowman Catches Attention of the Feds, Never A Good Sign

OBSERVATIONS: The Indy Star is reporting that IMPD officer and City-County Councillor Republican Lincoln Plowman (LPLO) has been placed on suspension pending the results of an apparent FBI investigation.  As part of the standard protocol Plowman was forced to turn in his badge, gun and vehicle.  Neither Ballard, public safety director Frank Straub will comment on the matter.  With little information available we can only surmise what the charges are and how damaging this could be for Plowman's politcal, professional and personal future.  District #25 is a very safe republican district and therefore this holds no direct boost for democrats in Marion County.  We will continue to monitor this event and adjust the market accordingly. And a word to the is never a good time to be investigated by the Feds.



DOWN:   LPLO $60

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