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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh the Interesting Stocks You'll Meet From Those Seeking the At-Large Seat

OBSERVATIONS: (First our apologies to the great Dr. Seuss.)  It appears that the waters have cleared a bit and we can identify the top contenders for the now open seat formerly held by GOP Kent Smith now stands at 7 so far:  Jackie Cissell, Chris Douglas,  Dorothy Henry, Mike Jezierski,  Angel Rivera, Bruce Shumacher and Aaron William. While this is a relatively short race (the winner to be selected on March 1st) we will give an analysis however we will only add the winners on the Board unless new information convinces us otherwise.  There are several posts out there on this race here herehere ,<--- this one was particularly interesting in its approach.  Our intial values are based on name recognition within the party. Again these are our intitial reactions and do not include information on who has the support of the Mayor Ballard (GBAL) and/or GOP Chairman Tom John (TOJO).  If that information becomes available to us we will make adjustments if necessary.

ANALYSIS:   Jackie Cissell-(JCIS) $110; Chris Douglas-(CDUG)  $100; Dorothy Henry-(DHEN) $90; Mike Jezierski-(MJEZ)-$105; Angel Rivera-(ARIV) $90; Bruce Shumacher-(BSHU) $110; Aaron Williams-(AWMS) $105


  1. Have you heard anything about the rumor that some candidates for the open seat have PC contact information given to them by Tom John, while others are left without any ability to contact PC prior to slating. And if that's true what impact will it have on the stock prices listed above?

  2. Friends,

    Please take a moment to research a viable candidate who is claiming to have the support of the Indianapolis GOP for elected office. Then ask yourself is this what the party needs as the type of office holders it wants to field.
    Chris Douglas is a candidate running to fill the vacancy of a city council at large seat that the GOP precinct committee members will vote to fill in March. Douglas claims to have the support of Marion County GOP chairman Tom John.

    Yet, in his own words less than two years ago, Chris brags that he was often a financial donor to the Julia Carson campaign and one who voted for her and other Democrats.

    By his own admission Chris Douglas, the leader of the homosexual activist group the Indiana Log Cabin Republicans, admits that he has often supported Democrats with his votes and his financial contributions He has even bragged about voting for Democrats over socially liberal Republicans like Jon Elrod when Elrod ran for State Representative. He states that he is opposed to voting Republican if it means placing them in a majority political position. (I guess as long as the GOP is not in power, Chris is OK with supporting the party.) Chris has also stated that the Indiana House Republican Caucus is a great threat to the Constitution.

    Chris' conditional GOP support is always cast surrounding a single issue objective of furthering radical gay rights agenda as he admits on the Belerico Project gay blog, of which he is a regular contributor. Obviously, his support has nothing to do with growing the GOP or seeing it meet its objectives. As you can see below, Chris notes in this article that he now supports Jon Elrod for congress because "Jon Elrod is running for Congress at a time when Congress is in no danger of falling into Republican hands."

    Is this who the GOP really wants as one of its city wide standard bearers in the a general election or as a GOP spokesman? Shouldn't Republicans support the party and vote republican, be the ones who represent it as office holder? Is not one of the major problems of the GOP la and why voters have lost faith in the party, largely been because they see little difference between the two parties? Well, why should they when the GOP's candidates are financial supports of Democrat members of Congress?


  3. To my friends in the LGBT community: Elrod vs Carson
    Filed by: Chris Douglas
    March 5, 2008 4:30 PM
    [EDITOR'S NOTE:] This guest post comes to us from former Bilerico contributor Chris Douglas. Chris is a longtime Republican LGBT activist.

    In the special election on March 11th, we will be presented with a decision which previously has been all too rare, a choice between two candidates, Jon Elrod and Andre Carson, either one of which could be worthy personally of GLBT support.

    I write as one who as a Republican valued Julia Carson's strong record of support for the GLBT community, and who in return supported her financially in the face of challenges by Republicans that I considered to be second to her in their humanity. For such a steadfast friend of our community, I could never find it within me to join in derision of her. I write as one who has not been shy in identifying to the gay community Republicans who I felt fell far short of our support in contests against friends of the community. Finally I write as one who in spite of my high esteem for him, declined to support Jon Elrod in his successful bid for the Indiana House, for I felt that no matter how worthy Elrod, the House Republican Caucus posed too great a threat to the Constitution to be allowed the power of a majority.


    Note one of Chris Douglas' reasons for flip flopping from D to R:

    Jon Elrod is running for Congress at a time when Congress is in no danger of falling into Republican hands.

    You can see Mr. Douglas' entire election missive, which he broadcast to the homosexual community whom some in the party apparently mistakenly believe think will suddenly vote for GOP because of his candidacy, on this attached PDF of Chris' blog post.


  5. Love this blog!!! You guys are geniuses!