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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Market Uneasy As Rumors Of Insider Trading In At-Large Race Surfaces..

OBSERVATIONS:  We felt we had to report this item as it could have an impact on the outcome of this race. We've received three emails that raise our concern that not all candidates for the recently vacated at-large seat held by Kent Smith are being treated equally.

According to our sources, GOP Chairman Tom John (TOJO) has decided to only authorize the release of the precinct committeman list to selected candidates. This action provides them with a huge advantage in gaining a head start in vote counting.  Candidate without the current list are locked out of system or at least delayed and depending on how the preferred candidates package their numbers could be foreced out of contention by the perception that a defeat is a foregone conclusion. 

This allegation has a direct impact on two stocks; Tom John (TOJO) because he is the GOP Chairman and runs the process and Mayor Greg Ballard (GBAL) who is the highest ranking party official and member of the executive branch.  While the mayor may or may not be an active participant in this vote manipulation scheme, as the top GOP elected official he stands to benefit enormously if the process yields him a guaranteed supporter in the event that Ed Coleman (ECOL) decides to vote with the Democrats in a close vote on taxes increases or passing the 2011 budget. 

Ironically we can't predict what the outcome would be if the names of those preferred candidates were reveled to us. On one hand we would need to reflect their support from the insiders that could boost their value significantly. On the other, we would need to gauge the blowback, if any, from committeemen who feel like the system has been corrupted and their options limited. We will watch this process closely and welcome any additional information from our readers.



DOWN:  Tom John (TOJO)- $15; Greg Ballard $140


  1. Two of the preferred candidates are Angel Rivera and Aaron Williams. Not sure why or if there are others involved.

  2. I can't believe this would be true, but if someone has proof, then I'd love to see it. PC lists have always been provided to candidates.

  3. We would too Paul. Unfortunately it is well within the realm of possibility and that's why we posted the concept but didn't speculate on who were the preferred candidate(s). It is a very clever subterfuge strategy intended to shape voters and opposition opinion during hte campaign as opposed to winning it outright. And if you do it on a Friday its even more effective and on Monday leadership does a mei culpa if the plan is discovered. A 24-48 hour headstart is a big advantage in a multi-candidate special election.

  4. Not a bad site. I will add you guys to my Indiana Barrister link.

  5. Aaron Williams is NOT one of Tom Johns picks. Tom Johns first pick was Douglas, who has since bailed out when he found out that John was going to give the list to only him and Angel. John does not want Cissel or Williams to win at all. Brooks is behind Bruce. It will be a four way race, Williams, Schumacher,Cissel and Angel. John now wants Angel so he will win. What ever Chaiman John wants , he gets. Pretty obvious after last Saturday

  6. ipse, I agree with the last post. Tom and David Brooks have sent a very clear message to their PC that Angel is their man,and they have a history for intolerence to dissenters. In fact they are so confident they are already negotiating committee assignments as well as a possible chairmanship to boost his name recognition for 2011.

  7. the plan is pretty simple. First divide the vote among three A/A candidates, then do the same for the W/M. What should be left is a contest between W/M and Latino. Because the GOP party wants to demonstrate their ability to be diverse they will select the Latino. Tom and David get what they want. Tada!