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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The IPSE UPs and DOWNS PART I: The Democrats

OBESERVATIONS: Well its been a topsy-turvy day for the stock market as the our winners and losers are separating from the pack. First up IPOP has real good cross-examination on the tempest in the teapot is starting to boil over. As a matter of fact IDEM also decided to weigh in with a story of his own.
Unfortunately BWMS takes a tremendous hit and his stock will tumble again.  As we said earlier, its not the scheme that was flawed it was the crowing about it afterwards that really set things off.  MKEN has remained silent and on this issue which make it look like Brian is fighting against PCs instead of for the nomination, not a good perception. There's a lot of time between now and May 2011 and we still believe that Williams is still in the game, however he will need to get in front of this issue very, very quickly.


UP:  IPOP $140; IDEM $110; MKEN $130



  1. Remember the primary that BW will be involved in is May of 2011 not this year. Lots of time for many more cluster foulups!!

  2. thanks anon 546 we reposted a clarification.