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Monday, March 1, 2010

Tom John and David Brooks Conducts Seminar On "How Not To Rig An Election." And IPSE Introduces the "Toxic Effect" Syndrome

OBSERVATIONS:  Tom John (TOJO) and David Brooks (DBRK) are tragically comical in their ineptness as their well documented activites here and here remind us of a badly written sitcom.  Come on guys Indianapolis is way too small, you have too little to offer in terms of rewards and your childish punitive actions against dissenters only creates more opposition to your grade school behavior. 

We are now at the point where we have no choice but to recognize the "toxic" effect of their action on their collegues in the GOP, particularly those who are running including but not limited to  Mark Massa (MMAS), Carl May (CMAY) and Dennis Fishburn (DFISH) and in time Mayor Greg Ballard (GBAL). 

We do believe this is a legitimate concept not unlike the "halo effect " (when one candidate's appeal spills over to his/her collegues). We believe that if this continues, GOP foot-soldiers will become more discouraged, Democrats more energized and Independents inching away from legitimate GOP candidates as a result.  Personally we think it's past time We think it's past time for the adults to take step in and take these testosterone hyped-up frat boys out to the wood shed.

As we watch these two we can't help but feel like we're watching a political form of midieval torture - excruciating for the helpless participants and just as painful to casual observers.

UPDATE: From the political twilight zone comes this little gem from Chairman Tom John.  We can't make this stuff up. Keep this in mind as you ponder tonight's vote: This is the man who as Marion County GOP Chairman failed in his attempt to sabotage Mayor Greg Ballard's 50k mayoral campaign.  We've heard that politics makes strange bedfellows we're just wondering who's on top. 

Please stay tuned as this will soon be followed by brief remarks on marriage fidelity by Tiger Woods. 


UP:  ETRY $110;  TCUR $120;  JLAY $120; OGPL $140

DOWN:  TOJO $10; DBRK $10, GBAL $125; CMAY $100; MMAS $120


  1. ipse, i'm here at the caucus and i can tell you one thing the fix is definitely in. the more candidates that are in the contest the easier it will be for Tom's pick (angel riveria) to win. My prediction is at the end of the nght angel riveria wins.

  2. its not the voting that counts, its whose counting the votes.