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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Brian Williams Stock Suffers Slight Dip As He Forgets That the Key Word in Surprise Attack is the Word "Surprise"

OBSERVATIONS:  It seems that Democrat mayoral candidate Brian Williams (BWMS) may have created a bit of a flareup in the Democrat primary race. Without getting into the minutiae we can summarize by saying that Williams announced with grand exhortation that he had frontloaded the primary race for mayor by preparing to embed (via election) his own team of PCs for the upcoming primary contest.  We note that this practice is not unsual as it is the same method that party chairmen use to maintain their powerbase until they decide to leave or are forced to leave. 

Our only critique of this plan was its public announcement.  Having foot soldiers ready to roll in a contested primary race with no incumbant is quite an accomplishment. Of course it only works when the other guys never see it coming.

Bottom line we think a fifth column stealth plan best works when.its STEALTH! 

We are monitoring the chatter here and possibly here as it seems to be everyones favorite watercooler to see how much this will impact candidate Williams' stock in weeks leading up to the primary. Of course now he will not have a compelling reason to run against the slate if he loses (which we expect would be a no-brainer anyway).

So will this be a tempest in a teapot or the Democrat's Katrina? Only time will tell. As of now we believe that Melina gains a bit and Brian loses a bit and this is not a gamechanger at this point.


UP: MKEN $125; INBA $120

DOWN:  BWMS $100


  1. I think Brian will fare well. Not everyone is sold on Melina or Ed Treacy's behind the scene machinations. Threats only carrry an agenda so far. I like the guy. He's a masculine version of Bart Peterson.

  2. I find it rather interesting that you do not have BMAC listed on your exchange.The stock was issued three years ago, not two months ago.I have been buying it up like crazy and hold a strong position with an option to buy more @ 10:00 today.

    Considering the posts on Ogdeons blog it seems to me that BMAC would be a "buy". Especially after your downgradeing TOJO.Just my $.02.BYW have you considered opening a penny stock section for CBRZ and LPLO