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Friday, February 26, 2010

Is Jackie Cissell Starting Sizzle? If So, Angel Rivera Must Be Asking "Where's the Money?"

OBSERVATIONS:  We've gotten three emails on a new mailer that has hit the homes of PCs in the last two days from aspiring at-large candidate Jackie Cissell (JCIS).  As we've posted previously here and have noticed here there hasn't been enough reliable intel to push a clear frontrunner until today.  With the election only days away I think we feel safe in our assessment.

Now we'd be mighty obliged if one of our kind readers who scan the mailer or any other candidate's pieces and send us a copy to (  If this is true and we can't see the benefit of such an easily verifiable pronouncement then we think this separates Jackie from the pack by the simple fact she has money to put out a mailer to several hundred PC across the County. 

This also raises some serious questions about the true of party-bosses ( TOJO / DBRK ) as they continue to push the candidacy of Angel Rivera  (ARIV).  If we were Mr. Rivera we'd crank up a little music with some Latin bass, get Tom John and David Brooks on the phone and ask them to show me the money! 

Until then we're forced to lower your stock a bit. You're down but not out.


UP:  JCIS $120;

DOWN: ARIV $80; TOJO $10; DBRK $90


  1. I have a few questions..
    Is it true that the candidates have been told to drop out because TOJO and DBRK want to replace a black man with a Hispanic. The Black community is not taking to kindly to this. "the future of the party is with the hispanic community......" was that really said?

    Is it true In fact could there be a meeting of the concerned clergy going on right now?

    Could there be a press conference By the Clergy on Monday to announce the fact that TOJO does not want a Black person to replace a black person?

    Was Reeves asked to drop out and promote Angel on Thursday night? Is the black commuity upset about this?

    Did DBRK make a racest statement and a sexual statement on Tuesday night. After all, DBRK did inform us that this was HIS process.

    Do TOJO and DBRK have the friends that they think they have?

    Not sure if any of this is true, you know how those bloggers are, you cant believe half of what you read.

    Just asking.

  2. Interesting questions anon 1:45. The only question we can respond to with any degree of certainty is the one about the Clergy. After discussing this as a group we believe that this is inside, inside baseball and nowhere near the level where African-American clergy would become vocal, particularly in GOP matters. If anything the African-American Democrats will use this issue in the 2011 general election as an effective wedge issue for Independent middle-class African-Americans in the suburban townships.

    As for the rest, your guess is as good as ours.

  3. You might want to contact some of the clergy.The Mayor recieved a letter from them today about this exact topic. They are not happy. I assume that TOJO and his friend are getting a spanking from the Mayor this eveing

  4. anon 7:26 we have an agreement between the IPSE crew not to solicit info outside of the blog. If you have info available or know of its whereabouts please feel free to send it to us via email or post here. If you want to maintain anonymity that's ok too

  5. over at Indiana Barristr Abdul is saying this race will come down to Williams, Reeves and Rivera. What do you have to say about that pronouncement?