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Saturday, February 27, 2010

GOP Investors Sound Off On Tom John and David Brooks "Handling" of the At-Large Election

Here's an email from a reader who asked if we would use their comments to open a dialogue on this issue. If there is related documentation associated with this topic we will post it here as an update.  The email is unaltered and identity of the sender will remain anonymous at their request. 

Whoever you are:

If my comments could be used as a springboard for more discussion, if desired, but not directly attributed, I would appreciate it.

I seem to be the only person getting their panties in a bunch over how this election is being handled by County GOP Leadership. Elections run with fairness and integrity of process are near sacred to me. The way Tom John and David Brooks have run this at large election is near criminal in my book. Isn't there supposed to be a level playing field for candidates-or at least the pretense of one? The blatant favoring of one candidate over another in this "election"is unbelievable.

Non favored candidates(all but one or two) were not given access to the forms for filing their candidacies, PC contact lists and invitations to candidate forums as favored candidates were. Personal requests, email, phone calls for them went unanswered. Response from Tom John was that only" official" filed candidates would be invited to candidate forums.

The day the GOP officially sent out filing forms? Wednesday of last week. The day an invitation for pc's to attend a township candidate forum went out? Same Wednesday of last week-meaning candidates invited to the forum had been asked before the forms for filing had been sent out by GOP headquarters,

Now, we have another candidate forum having been held this past Thursday evening with only Angel and Avachino featured- the declared front runners by TJ and DB. About 100 central PC's were invited and many other candidates didn't even know about the forum. Talk about unfair advantage. Talk about abuse of power. Talk about unmitigated gall!

The floor is now open. Please feel free to post your thoughts.


  1. Did TOJO and his little carmel buddy really think that we would not tell others about Thursday nights get togeather.Tom JOhn and his little friend need to learn that not every one is in his pocket.

    What they did on Thursday night was criminal to say the least. At first TomJohn wanted a Douglas, but then he found out that he was really a democrat.Then he decided that he wanted a hispanic not a black person.

    hereis little doubt in my mind, Brooks and John are both racests.If you heard Brooks comments onTuesday night you woudl understand.I did not se Tom John on tuesday.

    So he and his little buddy from Carmel chose Angel because he will be the easiet to use for their purposes. I know for a fact that thy are calling each and every candidate and telling them to back out and support Angel.

    Since when did two little men with nepolianonic complexes decide who will represent us.Did he really think that I would do what he said. I nodded and said YEZ SIR Masser and smiled.They are in for a rude awakeing.

    They do not tell the black community that we are not important.these two little player wanna bez do not speak for the black comunity.
    Their sexual comments and black people comments do not play well with me or the ministers and members of the concerned clergy. How isthe Mayor going to react, knowing that Tom John has brought all of this down on him

    The CCC member that is being replaced was black, they want a hispanic.This aint gonna fly homies.

    The entire MCRCC is a mess and finally people are seing it. Tom John Brooks, Brizzi,Plowman,Durham and the rest are in for a surprise on Monday night. Your lame old games are not going to play no more.

    See you all Monday nite, it's going to be fun.If Reeves backs out and Angel wins we know the fix is in. We all got the same calls from Brooks to back Angel, but you guys never know who your friends are do you. See you Monday night

  2. Tom John considers himself as another Keith Bulen but without the brains and with a severe alcohol problem. Besides booze and women his weakness is that he can't handle direct confrontation. Get in his face and he's a little b__ch". He must sneak up on his targets either thru proxy or flipping friends. He is an incredibly weak man. Clever but weak. He has no problem using proxies large (Abdul and Brizzi) and small like Tim Kopenen and Greg Gerald. Typically its people who either have severe character flaws or have enourmous inferiority complexes and want to belong. He tapps into that need.

    He can be beaten. His worse nightmare is to be exposed in forums such as these or club meeting that expose him for the pathetic little loser he is.

    You gotta wonder what kind of guy gets out of a divorce by setting up his ex-wife with video tape and emails so he can marry his mistress?

    Yes that's right Tom some of us know your dark little secret because your friends talk too much. Also a lot more people know about the little gutter snipe you hired last year from one of your "boys night out" (of course this is while you were making wedding plans with Chrissy) that later embezzled 5 figures from the Marion County GOP leading to bounced checks and layoffs and finally a loan from the very guy you underemined during in 2007 election.

    Yes Tom you are a real loser and your days are numbered as more and more people realize that they can' trust you. As you always say "Dump 'em before they become useless and they never see it coming." Isn't that how yu treated Buffie?

  3. don't forget to add Jocelyn Tande-Adante she loves to be a shot caller even if it means doing it for Tom and David

  4. angry lady in lawrenceFebruary 28, 2010 at 8:38 AM

    thanks Ipse for allowing an open forum to discuss this issue. While I'm afraid it might be too late since the election is tomorrow at least there's a location where some of us can air our frustrations with our County Party leadership. I for one will activiley work against the party until Tom, David and Carl Brizzi are gone. And I will make sure other PC do as well. If Ballard fails because of this that's too bad.

  5. Tom needs the Chairmanship to keep his partnership at Ice Miller. Without it they dump him, I mean how many environmental lawyers do you really need? He only there because he can influence Ryan Vaughn, Jackie Nytes to pass key legislation. If he loses his chairmanship he loses his job and with his debt load he can't afford to be unemployed for too long.

  6. tom needs the chairmanship to keep his gig at IceMiller. He sold them on the fact that he could get key legislation passed the council with Ryan Vaughn and Jackie Nytes (her husband's firm Printing Partners has a very lucrative contract with the City). I mean how many environmental attorney's does one firm need? He is in debt way over his head and can't afford to lose this gig and doesn't have the brains to secure another one if they fire him. Bottom line he needs the chairmanship to keep the money flowing in. No chairmanship no job, no job its back to bindge drinking and husling contracts in Lake county-without Rokita's help this time.