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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Happens When Vern Brown Only Sees Things In Black And White? His Stock Drops!

OBSERVATIONS: We knew we had picked a winner when we selected VBWN in terms of its erratic volatility and of course we weren't disappointed.   We can't help but wonder "what the hell was he thinking?"  I mean this isn't the first vote on the merging of township fire departments into IFD.  At last count this is the 4th such merger ( Washington and Warren occurring under Peterson adminstration) vote.  As a matter of fact in 2007 Vernon was Peterson's top cheerleader for the policy.  We can't help but be a bit cynical and insulted that Brown couldn't develop a better rationale to explain his vote nor make a distinction between this vote and his previous ones.

According to our sources because most township fire departments are small compared to IFD hiring and turnover is infrequent which leads to the apparent lack of diversity. It was also noted that most minority applicants would rather apply to the largest fire deparment in the city where their chances of being hired in dramatically increased. 

As a result we believe that Brown's comments were not only disingenuious and stupid considering his previous votes, but also racially inflammatory and inappropriate for a firefighter/elected official to make in public.  This cannot be helpful to the assimilating process for the Franklin Township firefighters and IFD adminstration as they move forward. Even taking into consideration Vernon's history of playing the race card (even on other African-Americans) this was by far the most ill-conceived rationale for a vote we have ever seen or heard on the council.

Councilor Brown forgot the first rule of public speaking "It is better to be silent and have people think you are a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt".  For us there's no doubt and therefore we unabashedly devalue his stock.

NOTE: We'd drop it more however we're fairly sure he won't do anything in the next few months to increase his stock value.





  1. Junebug aka Soulja BoyFebruary 23, 2010 at 2:25 PM

    If you want to see the real Vern Brown go to this site----> ttp://

  2. So Vern whose wife is caucasion is playing the race card? You gotta' be kidding me! the guy is a first rate goof!

  3. a little harsh aren't you Ipse?

  4. Vern racist? That's old news!The guy doesn't know the meaning of diversity.

  5. @ anon9:18 -No we don't. These type of public comments from an elected official are a prime example of intellectual laziness at best or simple myopic ignorance. Take your pick.

  6. This is from a guy who wrecked an arson car while driving drunk. Vern is a 1st rate idiot.