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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brizzi Stocks Take Yet Another Hit. How Low Will He Go? No One Really Knows But We Imagine Curry Is Short Selling

OBSERVATIONS: It is not a good day for Brizzi  (CBRZ)stockholders as yet another layer of this onion is peeled away courtesy of Russ McQuaid from Fox 59. In our opinion, never have we seen one man with so much political  promise, lose so much, so quickly in such a uncharacteristic way.  At this point the only reason we've decided to keep his stock above junk bond status is the fact he is duly elected as Marion County prosecutor and it is the office that is propping his stock not the man. 

We're not sure how GOP candidate Mark Massa (MMAS) can have a successful 2010 campaign as long as the Brizzi onion continues to bring tears to everyones eyes. Meanwhile Marion County Democratic Candidate Terry Curry (TCUR) willl see a nice jump in his stock values as his successful bid centers on a comparison between Brizzi and himself. 


UP: TCUR $110

DOWN:  CBRZ $15 MMAS $125

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