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Friday, February 12, 2010

New Stock Offer: Ron Gibson Is Back And He Wants To Be Mayor!

OBSERVATIONS:  Apparently there aren't enough Democrat candidates for mayor so former city-county councillor Ron Gibson has tossed his hat into the ring.  We're not sure why the former at-large councilman has decided that this was the race to enter as opposed to another run for his former seat, unless its because he feels there's a chance to capture the grassroots and/or minority vote.  We will note here that he is the first declared African-American male to run for mayor and second African-American to possibly run (the late Honorable Z. Mae Jimison unsuccessfully ran in 1995 against then mayor Goldsmith) for the 25th floor. All we can say right now is Gibson has never disappointed those who like a little spontaneity in politicsthis should be fun race to watch.  Of course with the African-American population around 25% in Marion County and heavily represented int he Demcratic party, this could be a bit dicey for Ed Treacy if he uses too heavy of a hand in dealing with a legitimate African-American candidate for Mayor.


UP: RGIB $105

DOWN:  ETRY $105

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