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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bart McAtee Fights David Brooks' Authority And Wins!...First Round

OBSERVATIONS:  Paul Ogden (OGPL) was the first blogger to post on this little squirmish from yesterday between the unslated Republican candidate Bart McAtee (BMAC) and Marion COunty Chairman Tom John's (TOJO) right hand man David Brooks (DBRK) as the two battled it out in a hearing conducted by Marion County Election Board (which is dominated by the Democrats).  At the end of the day Bart McAtee is still in the race and Dennis Fishburn (DFISH) the GOP slated candidate still has a primary opponent.

What we find ironic about this issue is that the last McAtee (Joe) to fight the slate fought against everyone's favorite GOP shot-caller and someone fairly easy to vilify was a very nasty and brutal campaign. When it was all said and done Joe while losing the battle won the Party war by maintaining his law enforcement presence in Marion County and securing his son Bart on the short list for possible consideration after the 2002 general election.

Will the GOP primary voters see Fishburn as an extension of the party leadership? Can a party with little money in the bank facing a primary challenger ultimately win against a well funded unchallenged Democrat in the fall?  How does the GOP maintain the Prosecutor's Office which could cost up to $1 million or more and capture the Sheriff's Office in the same election cycle? And how does the chairman chastise the primary challenger without bringing attention to his subterfuge activities of 2007?  This should make for some very interesting trading once the market opens.

While you guys ponder those questions and others here's our analysis:


UP:  BMAC $110; OGPL $155; JLAY $120

DOWN: DBRK $60; TOJO $60; DFISH $100   

1 comment:

  1. Glad that I bought BMAC @ 15. You might want to think about delisting TOJO. Dont worry abut delisting DBRO, he is probably out in the woods beating a drum and trying to get back his manhood.

    You have to feel sorry for Sgt.Fishburn, he probably has no idea of what TOJO and DBRO tried to do or that there is no money for him to run his campaign.There will be money from Wishard, you just watch.

    Interesting since Wishard gets money from the Sheriffs department.

    I think that maybe you should rename TOJO to EVIL