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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Abdul and Angela Walk Down Memory Lane, Her Stock Loss Becomes His Stock Gain

OBSERVATIONS:  Just when it looked like District 2 Councillor Angela Mansfield's (AMAN) stock was poised for a rally, inconveinent history reared its got in the way with this posting on Indiana Barrister (INBR).  Several critical points were made that were used to determine who gained and loss during htis exchange of ideas. We couldn't help but notice that Mansfield silence was deafening on this issue, and this issue and even more recently this one. 

Now we realize that these cases were different based on the evidence presented to the public however we found it a bit sanctimonious of Ms. Manfield to chastise Plowman when she failed to utter one word or right a single sentence condeming members of her own party even when presented with overwhelming evidence. That being said she's still in the game and we expect her stock to be very active during the smoking ban redux for 2010.


UP: INBR $135


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