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Monday, March 29, 2010

With Two Wins Under His Belt Tom John Announces Youth Movement In Marion County GOP!...Clearasil Stock Surges with Announcement

OBESERVATIONS:  We observed two differrent takes on an article appearing in today Star. Ironically and probably to Chairman Tom John's dismay both Paul (OGPL) and Terry (ITIM) come to the same conclusion. Victors in a precint committeemen election do not a movement make. 

Francesca dear, please tell us that you didn't just rely on a sources that Tom provided. If you ever want to be a real journalist you have got to increase the depth and width of your sources. Angel has the experience of a newborn puppy when it comes to Marion County politics and for his sake we hope he's a quick learner otherwise he's roadkill. As for Thomas John well let's just say that some of us who have been around a while have bras older than Tom - and they provide a lot better for support for our boobs  than he has for his. That being said we will give Tom a pass on this as we know most people are no longer drinking his flavor of kool-aide. No more freebies after this one Tom...

UP:  OGPL $180; ITIM $110; TOJO $15



  1. You make Tom John out to be the Devil.He has done a lot for the republican Party in Marion County

  2. anon 6:13

    No we don't think Tom John would ever be confused with the Devil.....the Devil would never conspire with Heaven to usurp Hell in order to make partner in a law firm. Even the Devil understands the concept of team loyalty.

  3. There is a youth movement inside the MCRCC. Joey " can I get you another cup of coffee Mr. Chairman" Fox. He was carded at Brizzis bar the other night. He ended up with a Shirley Temple.Abdul bought it for him

  4. Tom John is not that stron and can easily be defeated with a simple strategy. Starvation. All that is required is for those who disagree with his management style is to withhold their money and participation during election cycles. Trust me he can't recruit enough young Gopers to replace a seasoned veterans who are tired of his crap. You also have to keep in mind that those who follow Tom and attracted to his type of leadership and brand of Republican values will ultimately use that same strategy against him. He is in fact creating the young Turks who will ultimately turn against him.

  5. I dont think that the young "Turks" Bryce and Joey will turn against him. There is no way that they could ever find a job in the public sector.No one in their right minds would hire them knowing that Tom John and Dave " I live in a mansion in Carmel" Brook taught them the ropes.

    I still get a kick out of remembering Tom John ream Bryce out at the slating convention. I thought that poor kid was going to cry.Tom John ate him out in front of a lot of people.I kind of felt bad for Bryce for a second,,,,well just for a second.

    These two young men have been taught how to use and abuse people for the enjoyment and fullfilment of Tom Johns ego.

    My big question is how are they being paid? The party has no money. Every penny that they do get will go to Massas campaign.

    Good luck to the Republican party in Marion county, your looking at your parties future leaders in action.

  6. Tom likes to think of himself as a hard nose modern day Bulen however the only people who are attracted to him are weak minded individuals who can't like to be browbeat by a guy who has is a borderline alcoholic with that when push comes to shove can't take a hit. as a matter of fact he is only successful working thru syncophants. in a face to face confrontation he's a very weak man. he is a light weight fundraiser and has many more enemies than friends who are simply waiting their opportunity to take him down.