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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Carl's Stock Reaches Up to Touch Bottom On Latest Exposure of Brizzi's Briefs

OBSERVATIONS:  Paul Ogden (OGPL) has an interesting post commenting on the lastest Brizzi Brief from the IBJ.  Honestly we really don't know how much more the public (and our stock market) can take of this constant ooze of information from the Prosecutor Carl Brizzi (CBRZ).  We can't think of any set of circumstances that would shield local Republican candidates running in 2010 from this stop-motion train wreck.  Without some distancing and/or defining statements from the GOP candidates,  at some point we will be forced to start the slow painful devaulation of countywide candidates' stock as Carilto sway Marion County voters away from the GOP brand.


UP: OGPL $160; TCUR $125



  1. Brizzi is a total pig.

  2. I am ashamed I voted for Brizzi.

  3. Isnt Brizzi one of Tom Johns best friends?

  4. i think brizzi is tight with lincoln plowman, ryan vaughn, jon bales, that is if brizzi has any friends anymore. he is pretty toxic.

  5. Yep... Brizzi and Ryan Vaughn are best buddies. Vaughn had a picture of the two partying together on his web site, until Brizzi got in trouble.

    Brizzi and Vaughn have also taken trips together.

    Brizzi and Vaughn are very close.

  6. Abdul and Tom John are best friends and they used to drink with Brizzi all the time downtown.

  7. Brizzi and James Voyles are extremely tight. How do you think Paula Epperly got off???


    Anyone can be bought in Indiana if you have the dough.

  8. Oh, hey Tommy, hows that Republicrat thing going?

    Think that it will fly....? You never ever know who your friends are do you. You of all people should know that.

    Republicrat? I can't wait.