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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Carl's Curse Claims Another Victim: Mario Massillamany - Career Is Now on the Rocks

OBSERVATIONS: So we bet you're asking yourself "what is this Carl's Curse?" Well it just seems that everyone who has spent any amount of time around our good friend Carl " "  Brizzi seems to have a really, really bad case of negative karma. Now we're sure Mario is a nice guy and probably guy, however we also know that up to the time of his arrest he was and probably still is knee deep in Carl's various projects and nefarious financial machinations.  I mean come on, Mario you are the face (with hair) of the Prosecutor's Office whose primary task is to spin news in such a way that you makes silk out of s###.

It will be interesting to see who if anyone comes to his defense and how this will be handled by the Democrats here in Marion County.  Personally we're wondering who was he drinking with and more importantly why didn't they offer to drive the poor lad home. We overheard one elected official (Republican) remark that "It's like the Prosecutor's Office in Marion County has turned into one big frat house"...Without the togas.


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  1. Could he have been coming from a Republican Fund Raiser? Look at the date of the arrest. Tom John will never let this fact get out

  2. what would make a person with his background act so stupidly?

  3. The only difference between Brizzi and Mario is that Brizzi has a body man to drive him home, like when he's staggering around at Ike & Jonesey's the week before Mario's arrest.

  4. This is the youth movement that everyone is talking about. a few young bucks who can't are addicted to power and can't control their liquor. Sounds like a winning strategy from a guy (TOJO) who prides himself on hedonistic peccadillos (hiring bar tramps to work for the party, engaging in threesomes and then having her bilk the party out of 10 big ones. Of coursE once Brizzi is gone he no more protection.

  5. anon 8:10 I the young woman in question and let me tell you she is scared out of her wits. they threatened her life if she ever told anyone. she has their emails and text messages and that's what they are really afraid of. She also says its more than just Tom and Carl. She mentioned a guy who's name rythmes with "Raoul" and a "good looking guy" who she said was the spokesperson for the Mayor (i think his name is Robert Vaine.

    personally i feel sorry for her for getting caught up with the scumbags.

  6. I can't think of many names that rhyme with Raoul....

  7. Tom John was in the name that rymes with Raoul's wedding.

  8. i find it hilarious that Mr. "imthebestpoliticalpunditinIndiana" Shabazz glosses of this and other issues from his drinking buddy Tom John and Carl Brizzi. How does this guy look at himself in the morning?

  9. I am missing does Tom John rhyme with Raoul....I need further explanation.