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Friday, March 12, 2010

IPSE Suggest A "Hold" On Ballard Stock, The Real Question Is "Will It Be Billions Or Bust?".

OBSERVATIONS: We're back! And while it may take a few posts to get up to date but let's start with Mayor Ballard's first major policy initiative.  After reviewing all the blogs and thier positions we came to the conclusion that it was a wash politically so we went do the dark recessess of our collective memories to find other articles written on this topic. And we came up with thisthis and this.

When its all said and done we've decided to leave his stock as is until the proceeds of the sale are moved to significant infrastructure improvement (streets, sidewalks, pools etc..) or it fails as a results of mismanagement or scandal. In the end this is a tempest in a warm teapot. 

Translation: This is the biggest non-announcement we can remember in Indy's political history. Sadly we're not sure if that is a reflection on the mayor or the fact that pundits are so desperate for something to latch on to with this adminstration good or bad.

We would also encourage our left-leaning bloggers to keep in mind that in most cases former Mayor Peterson embraced many aspects of privitization and when he did rework many of the water treatment and supply contracts early in his first term he put this political insider on his negotiating the team. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


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