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Friday, March 19, 2010

Lincoln's Lessons Learned....

OBSERVATIONS:  Well in what turns out to that former councilman and IMPD member Lincoln Plowman gets our nod for the 2010 Award for Worst Reason to Trash One's Career and Reputation. Don't believe us? Read for yourself.  When this is all said and done we would offer this advice to our local politicans.

1) If you are going to call yourself a consultant at least be an expert in your chosen field.

2) Never negotiate with the middleman without meeting his boss.

3) Never accept cash in an envelope.

4) If you are going to be "on the take" at least believe in yourself enough to ask for six figures.

5) Never do business in a hotel room (unless of course you are a prosititute).

No anaylsis on this story as we have already de-listed Mr. Plowman.

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