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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

IPSE Special Announcement: Bart Peterson Makes A Return Visit To City Hall!

Yes the former mayor is back. Quiet, distinguished and with an air of rockhard resolve he stands guard day and night with his predecessors. Mayor Bart Peterson was the first two-term Democrat Mayor in 40 years has finally made it to Indianapolis' Hall of Fame joining the busts of former mayors Richard Lugar, William Hudnut III and Stephen Goldsmith on the main floor of City Hall- (west wing).  

Of course it would be a good post without a little scuttlebutt...Apparently shortly after his arrival the Mayor borrowed a former staffer's cell phone and he placed a call into Councillor Jonanne Sanders to see if she would sponsor an ordinance to merge all the pedestals into one to save money and achieve overall visual efficiency. 

We have no word yet if there will be any bi-partisan support of this ordinance but we will keep you posted.

Congrats Mayor Peterson and welcome back.

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